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You're a Pakistani national and want to visit the UK for a couple of days. Since your visit will be really short, you don't know which type of visa to apply for (transit or visitor). I assume that your visit will be done via a round trip from the Schengen zone. You need to apply as a General Visitor using The official UK website for online visa ...


Most Canadian airports have a US border post in them, including Pearson. For direct flights from these airports to the US (Detroit) you'll pass through the US border pre-clearance after check-in and before getting to the departure gate in Toronto. You'll want to arrive a little bit early to the airport in Toronto to account for the time it'll take you to go ...


Yes, you can transit in Amsterdam. Transiting in other Schengen countries is almost always possible with any visa or residence permit from a Schengen country (the only exceptions I am aware of are things like “limited territorial validity” visas and some documents given to asylum seekers). You will in fact enter the Schengen area in Amsterdam and have your ...


The J1 grace period is a matter arising under US law only and not recognised outside of US jurisdiction. The UK Border Force will use the starting date on your J1 to determine if you qualify for visa free transit. Based upon what you wrote, you will not qualify because you will not have a valid exemption document. It means you will need a UK transit visa, ...


According to Wikipedia, Phillipine citizens have visa-free entry to Costa Rica for visits of up to 30 days. However, you will need an U.S. visa for the transfer in Dallas. American airports don't offer any kind of visa-free transit. Visa-free transit should be available in Seoul if you don't leave the airport.


As pnuts commented, Iranian nationals need a transit visa to transit through any airport in the Schengen area, even when not leaving the airport transit area. See Wikipedia, or portugal.com. This rule is enforced by the airlines, who will not let you board the flight towards Schengen without seeing an airport transit visa.


From the official website, it certainly seems you'd be submitting your passport: If your application is approved, any original documents, including your passport if submitted with your application, will be returned to you with the requested visa. A google image search for it also shows it as a full page visa in the passport. Processing times vary ...

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