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The vast major of airlines do not allow this, but rather require you to have your ticket changed in such a case. They will cancel your ticket in case you don't show up for your first flight. See the following threads for similar answers and more details: Book connecting flight, but only board at second airport? Is it okay to board only the second flight ...


If you have a valid US visa, you are exempt from UK transit visa requirements. You will need a valid, unexpired US H-1 visa to enter the US in H-1 status; approved I-539 and/or I-129 is not sufficient.


You do not need to collect your bags again. As you are flying on one ticket; the agent will check your bags all the way to your final destination - you will not need to collect your bags and check-in again in Istanbul. You will also be given boarding passes for both legs of your journey at your check-in in Colombo. If you purchased two separate tickets ...


Yes, official airline information from TIMATIC says that you need a visa. Information as of 27JUN15 / 1842 UTC National India (IN) /Residence Ukraine (UA) Embarkation Ukraine (UA) /Transit Kazakhstan (KZ) Destination India (IN) ALSO CHECK DESTINATION INFORMATION BELOW Kazakhstan (KZ) TWOV (Transit Without Visa): Visa required, except ...

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