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Firstly, that's not where the Trans-Siberian railway goes. You'll need to disconnect and take the train from Nososibirsk down to Almaty (35 hours). From there you're out of luck, train-wise. You get a shared taxi or bus across the border from Almaty to Bishkek (it's very easy, the bus drops you off at the border, you cross, and it meets you on the other ...


When I did the trip a few years back, I stopped in Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk (side trip to Baikal is definitely worthwhile), and Ulan Bator. Yekaterinburg is not a particular exciting city, but it provides a very nice (practically necessary) stop over. My general advice is to stop frequently enough that you don't spend more than 48 hours at a time on the ...

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