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The Uganda railways has not operated for transporting people since the early 1990s. The only exception has been a train that connected Nairobi and Kampala on a once-off trip for an international qualifier for the World Cup Soccer in 2010. The Kampala train station, though, has been kept in shape and, if you show up at the right time and talk to the right ...


Not a map as such, but Wikipedia has a list of ViaRail routes. Then when you click one of the routes, for example - the Ocean route, you can see on the right a list of every single town stopped at along the route. On the Corridor routes it actually has a 'map' (diagram) of the stations along this route including between Toronto and Ottawa. Remember, if ...


On the Schedules page, you can download PDFs of the schedules for specific routes. If you open the one for Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, you can see all of the stations on that route: Toronto Guildwood -Oshawa Port Hope Cobourg Trenton Jct. Belleville Napanee Kingston Gananoque Brockville Smiths Falls Fallowfield Ottawa You could then use the ...


Yes. You can get down. I did this last month. My ticket was from Delhi to Kalka and I got down at Chandigarh. I was a part of the "random exit check" but they didnt create any fuss that says it was all legal.

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