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The best way to find out whether you need a reservation on a certain train is to look up the train in a rail planner. I use the German planner for this, as it is easy to use and gives good information. Enter the cities you want to travel and adjust date and time of day, if traveling more than a few months from the time you check, just pick a random date but ...


No, there are multiple zones, mostly you have to cross from one zone to another, hence pay more. Here's the metro zone map: They sell 16-ticket slips for 200 SEK, you need two tickets if you're traveling within a single zone, three tickets when in two zones (e.g. from A to B) and four if you're traveling between three zones. The easiest way would be ...


Via Rail baggage policy lists "Bicycle box (for non-travellers)" for $20 "available in certain stations only". Also, https://greyhound.ca/en/ticketsandtravel/baggageinformation.aspx Bicycle boxes are available from Greyhound Courier Express at selected terminals for $10 each (plus GST). Perhaps the Greyhound box is large enough too.

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