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The distance difference is not very big so your alternative route is probably a good choice. I took variants of it several times to go to the west of France from the Benelux and I was happy with it. On the other hand, by 10 AM, I think the rush hour in Paris would already be over and it's not a big concern in the summer anyway (many people will be on ...


The first thing to know about all-way stops is that they are used in low volume intersections. You need to know all the edge case rules about what if people arrive simultaneously but that isn't what you normally need to deal with. You also need to know that "at the intersection" means having reached the white line painted across the road at the same point as ...


I got all of this from here How to Handle Four-Way Stops: The Dummies Guide The simplicity of the four-way stop can easily be shown in these few key concepts. A four-way stop is any intersection with a stop sign in each direction, a flashing red light in each direction, or a broken traffic light should be treated as a four-way stop normally would. ...


No, not on Google Maps. However, you CAN partially accomplish this using Waze. Waze was acquired by Google in 2013. Use Waze's "check routes for a different time" feature allows specifying a different time, but as far as I can tell it doesn't allow specifying a specific date or even a specific day of the week.

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