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I'm from Christchurch (although I live in Sydney at present). Yes, certainly. The museum has reopened and has some stuff about the city. However, in the 'container mall' known as re:Start, there's an information center with a lot of info on the history. It's coordinated by the museum and the exhibit/place is called Quake City. It has an interactive ...


I asked here and got this answer: Hieronder rusthen Lijk den Here lies the body of Egte Vrouwe Van de Heer the wife of Mister Godefridus Weijerman Godefridus Weijerman gen. Susanna Geertruijda named Susanna Geertruijda Pfeiffer in de kraam van eene Pfeiffer while giving birth to a Doode Soon Overleden dead son [she] died den 28 Maart Ao 1715[?] ...

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