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As an Australian citizen, you cannot get a short-stay Schengen visa under any circumstances. You can however stay in the Schengen area for 90 days without a visa, even if you have stayed in a Schengen country on a long-stay visa before. See Does tourist visa (90 days) apply after a working holiday visa ends in Schengen countries? and in particular this ...


These photo shops are generally termed Nostalgia Photography Studios, which sometimes include 'Costumes' in the name. There are literally hundreds and they exist wherever there are tourists, and fun daily activities for children. They go under a number of company names, such as 'Old Time Photo and Costume Co', 'Old Time Photos'. Google will present for you ...


I would say that the right answer to your question heavily depends on how many and which museums you are going to visit. Some of them may not even allow to buy tickets online, but others may allow to print the tickets at home. Roma Pass comes in two versions: 48h and 3-days. It could be a good choice because it allows free direct entry to the first two ...


Jeunesse (http://www.jeunesse.at/) concerts usually offer good value (especially it you are < 26 years old)


In addition to the answers specifically about taxis, you may want to do some research on alternate taxi-like transportation: Uber, Le Cab and similar.


You can hire photographers in the Bay Area to work at your event or party but there are no shops which offer this style of photography in the Bay Area. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk used to have one, but it is now closed (2014). The closest I was able to find is Doc Wenzel's Old Time Portraits in Monterey. A regular sized photo is $16, and you are expected to ...

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