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Nowadays, nearly all rental companies offer you the option to handle that for you (for a fee, of course). By using the road, you took the option. There are minor differences, but for reference here the National Car Rental rules (forgive me if I am 5 cents off): You pay all the tolls that are to pay, for the normal price. Each calendar day you used a toll ...


With a rental car, you'd hear from the rental car company eventually if you skipped out on any tolls, usually with a large added fee attached. They'll just bill your credit card. However, unless you drove down any express lanes, which are toll/carpool lanes that look like this, with big signs showing a price and restrictions, there are no "hidden" tolls ...


@Aganju's answer is spot but here is another more generic tip: Use or mappy (as suggested by @Olielo). They do not seem better or worse than Google Maps to find a route, but they also provide an estimate of the tolls that seems pretty accurate (roughly matches my experience, even if I haven't done any systematic comparison). When looking at ...


Anything not going through Switzerland will be much cheaper. Switzerland sells annual toll tickets ('Märkli') only, which for a single trip easily beats any other toll. Each countries' toll road agencies will have websites where you can calculate the expected amounts. Note that in some countries, different toll roads are handled by different agencies.

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