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According to http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp, Vietnamese citizens need a visa and a biometric passport to transit in Canada:


Yes, you can normally send any type of mail, including international, from any post office in Japan (and yours is no exception, otherwise it would be mentioned on the page). They can also come to your place to collect the parcel at no charge if you prefer (I suspect that the reason you want to send it from this particular office is that the parcel is to ...


Butsudanya Takita Shoten is under construction at the moment. Near Tawaramachi station there is a line of Budsudanya shops, I found the zazen zabuton in one of them, but there is need to ask, I didn't see any at the shop window. Here is the streetview image of the shops.


In reality, as long as the boy is accompanied by an adult, just walking on public streets in Japan late at night won't cause a substantial problem in most cases. If you are unlucky, a police officer might stop you and ask a few questions, but anything worse is unlikely to happen. Entering certain safe stores like convenience stores is OK, too. But I don't ...


As stated in fkraiem's answer, the relevant legislation applies only in Tokyo (although quite a few other places have similar laws). Here's the section in question: 東京都青少年の健全な育成に関する条例 青少年 十八歳未満の者をいう。 十八歳未満の者をいう (深夜外出の制限) 第十五条の四 保護者は、通勤又は通学その他正当な理由がある場合を除き、深夜(午後十一時から翌日午前四時までの時間をいう。以下同じ。)に青少年を外出させないように努めなければならない。 2 ...


The relevant legislation is here (in Japanese). This is only for Tokyo, the legislation in all other prefectures is similar but may differ in some details. Basically, it's "illegal" for parents to allow a minor to go out between 11pm and 4am except for going to work/school or for some other "justifiable reason". What constitutes a "justifiable reason" is as ...


The best option is to make some Japanese friends at the conference and get them to take you out. If that doesn't work out and you're on your own, go to Tokyo's premier foreigner-friendly watering hole Roppongi and pick an interesting-sounding drinking spot from the Wikivoyage list, there's something there for most tastes. Do not let the street touts steer ...

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