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How many days do you have? :) It really depends on your tastes On this site from the NHK TV of Japan, you have a program which only discusses Tokyo, and I see it here in Portugal, so you can imagine it has plenty of info :) :) You can try the Akihabara district for electronic stuff, the night life of the Shibuya district... But if you want a guide, try ...


I checked the links that uncovery provided and the limitation of baggage for "GPA" at the checked services is "1 linear meter" in size in any direction. Another site with different information notes that they only store up to 1.2 meters. So unless you have really short boards, you can't store them. But if this link is to be believed, JAL-ABC does allow ...


Narita has several Baggage storage services. Since they define a normal luggage as "medium" size, I would assume that they are able to store larger items, too. Haneda Airport also has several places, and indicate over 300cm as "large" size.


Cancellation of the event was announced on September 5. http://www.j-cast.com/2014/09/05215127.html


Yes, the event will be held, according to this document on the festival's website: http://indonesia-festival.com/dengue%20matter.pdf Note: Their website has invalid SSL certificate. It says the event is held but they will have anti-mosquito coils around, and people should wear long sleeves.


Having now done it, it's worth noting several things. ANA flies between Tokyo and Hachijojima three times daily. The first flight of the day gets you in with about 90 minutes to spare before the ferry, and you have plenty of time to get to the ferry departure. The ferry to Aogashima is 2.5 hours and is basically a cargo ship with tatami mats. Or you can ...

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