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I ate at a very swank New York City café (located in the Neue Gallerie) and the suggested tip calculation was way, way off in the restaurant's favor. I wrote the Consumer Protection Bureau, never heard back. Check the calculation of the tip, required or not.


$20 is not a bad rule of thumb, especially if the service is good. Another guideline (for the US), which also works for restaurants where you're given free dishes, complementary spa services, and other situations where you're receiving a free service but tipping the service provider is appropriate, is to tip as if you were paying the normal price. If you ...


The travel blog onemileatatime has an article on that - from the point of view of complimentary airline pick-up / drop-off services which is essentially the same as your case. He comes to the conclusion So for a “normal” ride to or from the airport in the US in a complimentary chauffeur service arranged by the airline I’ll usually tip ~$20. which I ...


As a life long Oregonian, I can answer. You pull up to the pump, the attendant comes to your window, and you give them your card or cash, and tell them how much you want (usually filled, but I've asked for $20 before, especially when I pay with cash). They fill the tank, give you the receipt, and off you go. It is illegal to pump your own, and you can be ...

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