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On many places they will agree to take the tip from your card and some places will not agree You would have to ask Try using google translator Or show them the following sentence in Hebrew האם אני יכול לשלם את הטיפ באשראי? May I pay the tip with credit [card]? Enjoy your stay


From the Haaretz... [...] More importantly: the tip should be in cash, in shekels. Most restaurants will not agree to tack it into the credit card bill.[...] Read more: http://www.haaretz.com/travel-in-israel/tourist-tip-of-the-day/tourist-tip-211-who-do-you-tip-and-how-much.premium-1.515167


I lived in India for 6 months. Those numbers are way too high as jpatokal mentioned. My usual way is to tipping is if I feel that the person deserves the tips, I'd tip. I don't really tip taxi drivers. My local friends told me that tipping culture has damaged the country where taxi drivers only take foreigners because they tip and local people don't. ...


Those tips seem way too high. To put those figures in perspective, legal minimum wage in Haryana (state next to Delhi and one of the richest in India) is 5,800 rupees/month, and there are plenty of unskilled workers (live-in maids etc) getting paid much less than that. If you tip somebody Rs. 1500/day for a month, he's making almost 10x that! I'd revise ...


Conde Nast Traveller magazine has a webpage on tipping rules by country which covers different situations and establishments (hotels, restaurants, taxi drivers) for 50 countries. It can be a helpful reference on the matter. I personally think the article is aimed at travellers coming from countries where tipping is customary, if not mandatory, and is ...

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