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No, you can not do this, at least on most trains and as long as you want to do everything officially. You will need to go to a ticket office and buy an additional ticket for the needed segment. There are many reasons for this, but one is very simple: the conductor simply has no means to find out whether there are any tickets left on the second segment, or ...


Probably not. First of all your question is much more complicated than it sounds. Air prices are not exactly "fixed" in advance but they are constructed from building blocks automatically depending on many circumstances and factors. (See How do airlines determine ticket prices?) The International Air Transport Association may have the tariffs each carrier ...


WizzAir is a so-called low-cost carrier. With them the price of a return is the sum of two single tickets. You won't get an extra discount if you book a return ticket. So as to get cheap tickets, you have to book as early as possible. And/or you have to be flexible with your travel dates. However, if you are late and not flexible, there is not much you can ...


You can get tickets at nearly any convenience store in the nation; although I don't think that any of the kiosks do ticket sales in English. If you have someone who can read Japanese, going to 7/11, Family Mart, etc is the easiest way. This page lists the various ticket outlets.


Now I think about it, there was an incident at an old workplace of mine which might explain the issue. I imagine it's quite typical of the kind of problem staff at the busiest stations need to solve daily. I might have forgotten the exact details, but I think this was the gist. tldr; it enabled clearing up confusion when multiple people were involved in ...


Most websites will let you do multi-city (multi-destination) travel planning. As examples, there is the tab "Multi-destinations" on liligo.fr, or "Multicity" on yatra.com.

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