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In my experience as a holder of multiple passports, airlines don't care what passport details you enter when you book. (The primary exception being the US, which is picky and wants to know everything in advance.) As long as your name doesn't change, and they can verify on check-in that you have a visa or don't need one, they're fine. Out of interest, where ...


I'm a dual citizen, and I've had enough headaches with the whole situation... but when it comes to booking, I've never had any issues. However, I've been told by airport staff that once you check in, you can't simply switch passports - you might be able to do it if you go ask a member of the airport staff to change it, but I've never needed to try it. ...


Summary: Yes. You'll need to show your new passport to the airline. They will not care that you had already told them about a different passport. You may be able to update the passport associated with your booking online, before you check in. Discussion: I think the assumption that it is costly to change passport details on your record is false. When ...


You will likely be asked to show your passport when checking in for the flight. Flights to countries that require advance travel notice (e.g., UK, USA, Canada) will require a manual check of documents by airline staff, even if you entered the information online. Just present the new passport when at the airport, and that's the information that will be ...


Here is a info for everyone still wondering about that: I just was able to buy a print-at-home ticket from Austria also by entering 999-999-9999 as my phone number.


You'll be fine. While all Etihad flights to the US require APIS information, it can be provided on check-in at Beijing. Alternatively, to speed up things a bit, she can likely log into Etihad's site to manage her flight and enter the information there.


I once had a similar issue: the passport was reissued and thus the passport data has changed. Moreover, I had two flights from two different airlines booked separately (with a day stopover). Not finding a possibility to change the booking data online, I just emailed both airlines via an email from their website (or via some contact form, I do not remember ...

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