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I called a cousin who works for an airline at an airport, he explained how to do this in a very safe and efficient way. Infants do not need a seat, airline require a fraction of the price paid by the adult to be paid for the infant (~10%) or sometimes it is free. Hence, just make the reservation for you and your wife and other passengers who need seats, and ...


Most every airline has a "you must be on the plane XX minutes before departure" rule and you obviously did not make that deadline. Just because the plane is at the gate still means nothing. There are reports, head counts, etc that need to be done before the plane backs away from the gate to depart. To board you after the fact means all of these items need ...


Yes. japanrailpass.net: Most JR trains have Ordinary Cars (coach class) while many long-distance trains also offer Green Cars (superior class). With a Green-type JAPAN RAIL PASS you can use either class. Note that there's only a Green Japan Rail Pass, not a "first class" one. This means you can use Green Cars (roughly, business class), but you ...


The answer unfortunately is NO The National Rail Conditions of Carriage states that lost or mislaid tickets will not be replaced nor will refunds be made in respect of them. You will need to book new tickets if unable to find the old ones. If you are in a position with only half the ticket (seat reservation and no ticket) then you will have to buy a ...


I don't have any evidence for it but I suspect it might be necessary to satisfy APIS requirements. If you can provide a nickname, you could conceivably evade automatic checks against no-fly lists and similar databases. Also, many people (e.g. from places like Indonesia) go by names that are completely different from what's on their passport. As @pnuts ...


There is one airline that sells roundtrip tickets in bulk, Aeroflot. You can only purchase a bulk ticket between Moscow and other Russian cities. First roundtrip leg will be with a fixed dates, subsequent are open dated. You can buy 4-16 roundtrips, with some discount for bulk purchase. Here is their web page with more details (in Russian only): ...


I'm not going to assume this is only for international flights out of India. For clarity, you don't need a passport or any other form of ID when booking; you only need either when you're actually at the airport and/or checking in. Here are the scenarios: For international flights to/from India Yes, you do need a passport since this would be a requirement ...


The name in the ticket must matches the name in the Passport, especially in international flights. Not only that, also passport information must be added to the reservation, such as expiry date, passport number and issuing state. Is that necessary? The information is indeed necessary and can be sent in a message. However the copy is not. Unless he is ...


Your best bet is to skip the guessing game and call the airline to explain the situation as fast as possible. If they will not accept her as is, they might be able to come up with a solution for her.


Some airlines, like American Airlines or Delta allow name changes before the flight. Firstly, you should check with the carrier if (and how) can you correct your mother's name. If it is not possible, she should bring her marriage certificate along with other documents that show her maiden name and her married name. Here you can check a real history (and some ...


Answering questions like this in the negative is very hard because you need to provide sources that something doesn't exist :) but indeed such tickets do not exist. Swiss, Lufthansa and Air Berlin flies this city pair but that's almost irrelevant as no airlines offer such.


60 days in advance! Since you want to purchase your tickets on FlightHub make sure to compare to price found on your desktop with the mobile version.


As per revised rules, the waitlisted e-tickets will be cancelled automatically. See the section 3.4 (3rd point) of this page. However high court already ordered to make it same as physical ticket (i.e. it should not cancelled as ticket purchased from reservation counter).


Obviously you can, the main base of tourism business of Nepal is offline network, You can see lots of Travel and Tour Agencies, specially in Thamel area. You can ask them. My suggestion is, try on multiple agencies before buy so you can be sure for best price.

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