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The overstay might or might not be a big deal in Thailand but I don't think the passport thing makes any difference. It could have been a problem when entering the country – if the validity was shorter than 6 months – and you obviously need a new one to leave the country and enter Malaysia but that's it. You might want to hold on to your old passport to be ...


The Thai citizen needs to go the municipal office in Mae Sai. To the right of the main building is a small building that issues the permit. There is signage in Thai that will guide your friend to the correct window. I am not sure of the fee, but I think it is around 40 baht.


When arriving in Kuala Lumpur, you will get a (free) VISA ON ARRIVAL stamp in your british passport for 90(!) days! There is no need for an onward ticket, except when you fly from Singapore through Vietnam with Vietnam airlines. They require you to have booked a ticket leaving Malaysia. Even then, no flight ticket is necessary, since you can book a long ...

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