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For starters October is not high season, it is shoulder season and not very busy. The north of Thailand (Lampang and beyond on your itinerary) will be nice for traveling. Rains have subsided, but may occasionally see light showers. The first part of your itinerary has a higher chance of rain, but still ok for traveling. Temperatures will be warm still ...


In Bangkok, Thailand, the temperatures in October are identical to those of September – an average high of 32°C and an average low of 25°C. Although it is the second wettest month of the year, it has considerably less rain than the previous month – 190mm over 16 days – and is the last month of severe rain, signifying the end of the wet season. October is a ...


September and October are not exactly the "tourist season" in Thailand, but you can hm still have a great time in there. I'd be more hesitant to go to beach sides and diving in the southern area in September. The rain will be decreasing by October, so you'll have a better chance of a sunny beach in October. The temperature is not too cold or not too hot ...


There have been some reports of elephants being ill-treated but I believe it doesn’t happen anymore. Since you will be visiting Chiang Mai, then you are in the perfect place for some elephant trekking. In fact elephant trekking is offered at Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa. Should be a good experience.

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