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Well, I was able to beat @gerrit's connection, by taking a ferry run by Naviera Armas. As of February 4th 2013, total price is 23 EUR (compared to 59 EUR for bus plus Fred Olsen): 9 EUR: Ticket for Bus 111 from Tenerife South airport to Santa Cruz Intercambiador, bought inside the bus. The bus took perhaps an hour, I didn't measure time. nothing: Walking ...


You can take the ferry with Fred Olsen. There should be buses from Tenerife South Airport to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. From the main bus station, there are then dedicated buses to the ferry terminal, from where there are several ferries per day to Gran Canaria. The bus from the intercambiador (bus station) to the ferry terminal (a short ride) is included in ...


As far as I know Ryanair never stated that it is possible to bring on board an extra bag with the airport purchase, this is what is official. Anyway, in my personal experience it really depends on the policy applied by the airport: I'm a frequent Ryanair passenger and I only found a single Ryanair airport not allowing carrying on board the duty free shop (...


At Brussels South Charleroi (Belgium) you may take one bag with purchases from the "Sky shop" after the security check, in addition to your hand bagage.

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