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Your country of residence is where you spend over 50% of the time when you are not being a tourist. Excluding all the time you are travelling on a tourist visa, where will you spend 50% or more of your year? This may be in the country of your citizenship, but could be where you have a work visa, or permanent resident's visa.


This was a subject of discussion in the EU. The consensus seems to be, for the majority of cases, that this is the place where you pay your taxes (except if you have formally requested residency) This is not always the case, though: in cases where you wonder whether you should switch to another country's driving license, you should use the one of the ...


In this case since you are to be invited for an interview at the closest destination to you, the country of residence is where you live right now.


The question boils down to: Do you have permanent residency in another country; rather than than the one which issued your passport? For example, I live and work in Kuwait. I am not a Kuwaiti citizen, but a permanent resident. So for that application, I would put Kuwait as the country of my residency, even though its not the country of my ...


Your residence What address would you give someone who intends to send you critical correspondence at some indefinite point in the future? Where do you have your mail shipped? Where do you receive your bills? What address does your most recently opened bank account have on it? What address do you put on your tax forms? What address is nearest the school you ...


The form asks for an address in your country of residence. Figure out which address makes sense. The country that is in is your country of residence. I think that should be the crux of the question. If you don't have an idea of which address or addresses to use for that part of the form then maybe you need an immigration attorney to interpret the question ...


Note the word 'usual'. If you're on a tourist visa in another country for just 6 months, that's not really where you NORMALLY reside. You're considered a visitor in that country, not a resident. In this case it's likely to be your country of citizenship, if that's where you usually live when you're not on this tourist visa.


Country of residence means exactly that, where you're living right now. I've come across forms with this phrasing, usually they ask you about citizenship in a separate question later Also note the little question mark next to the question, that can give you a hint as to how they define country of residence

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