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If you read French / have google translate handy, you can find the information you seek on the SNCF Stations page for Gare du Nord here. It even includes a photo! The key bit is: Localisation Station de taxis sur le parvis de la gare -> Cour des taxis Rue de Dunkerque The taxi rank is located near the Eurostar platforms, at the South West corner ...


You can't really miss the queue, you'll see them easily while getting outside. Then yes you can pick a taxi in the street without queuing if he is available (green light on). The taxi queue isn't reserved to train customers, anybody can get into it.


Not a a direct answer but worth considering: Depends a bit on which Hyatt. There three in the Boston area. Hyatt Regency Downtown: BOS has free bus rides with the Silver Line to South Station. From there it's a 7 minute walk to the Hyatt Regency downtown. This would not only be free but at most times of the day also faster than a taxi, limo or Uber. Hyatt ...


You cannot prepay for a taxi per se, as a taxi is a specific type of regulated class of transportation in Boston (as elsewhere). Taxis must display a medallion, must affiliate with a radio dispatcher, must have specially licensed drivers, and must meter or otherwise charge fares according to a fixed schedule among other restrictions. But not every ...


Use Uber. It's an app for mobile phones which allows one to order taxis and pay online using a credit card. All international credit cards are accepted. Online reviews confirm that Uber is available at Logan airport. According to the fare estimator the price for a ride downtown should be under $30:


there is actually no question of what is the best way. The best way is CLEARLY by Bell Travel bus ( easy online booking new 24 seater bus 3 super wide fully reclining seats in a row smooth ride 3.5 hours travel time price 270 baht The second best way can be hiring a private car online Camry/Innova car not as smooth as a ...

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