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There are only three types of taxis which are allowed to take passengers in Chennai Airport as far as I know. All of them are expensive, but none of them are particularly unsafe. Fast track is a service I have personally used and found to be safe. Since the standard mode of saving money, a.k.a Rickshaws are not allowed (and arent particularly better at ...


You will find taxi counters just as you come out of airport. Some even have outlets inside airport. Or you can book a cab through ola/meru/taxiforsure, they will pick you up from airport.


Navigating public transportation To get to bus 510 mentioned by JoErNanO above, you can ride the highly developed night tram network. Use the Jizdnirady website to find full directions from your hotel: Ordering a cab While in previous years it was sometimes necessary to preorder a cab by phone, you can now use one of the taxi apps to get a fair price ...


Your math is wrong. The first 4 items added together gives a pre-surcharge price of 319.23. The "Peak Pricing charge" that was added is 255.38, which is 0.8x of the above 319.23. Thus you were only charge 1.8x the base rate, not 2.8x as you have claimed.

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