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The official page for the Nehar Yarden (Jordan River) crossing, as the Israelis call it, says that your best option is taxi, and like any other Middle East border crossing, I'd expect a few to be hanging around. You/somebody can probably call you a cab in a pinch though. Bus 16 also runs between Beit Shean and the border (stop #8), but there are only a few ...


It looks like there are some options in terms of ground transportation from Buffalo Airport, going to Niagara Falls on either the American or Canadian side: taxis and shuttles like the company you found all seem to have fares around USD75 to Amaerican side, USD80-85 to Canadian side. Some shuttle seems to be a bit cheaper, priced USD50 to the American side ...


Once a cab driver told me if you sit behind him that means you don't want to talk. If you sit diagonaly in the back, you want some chating, and if you sit in front with him, you want to talk.


My intuition as a Londoner was that this was absolutely fine, but then I had a moment of self-doubt and worried that maybe I'd been being rude in not talking much to cabbies all these years. So I sought out this ethnographic study of cab drivers: Inside the Mind of a Cabbie (RSA) and that has confirmed my impression that the time and space are basically ...


No it is not rude. I've lived in London most of my life and travelled in hundreds of black cabs and can assure you that cabbies really do not care what you get up to in the back of the cab -- as long as you pay the fare, give them a decent tip and don't spill food/drink/bodily fluid.


I've been in a similar situation many times when travelling during business hours to/from meetings - or, often, when going to the airport - where I've had to jump in on conference calls where I knew it would be for the duration of the ride. I usually excuse myself before the call, letting them know that I'm going to be on a call (even if I'm not talking). ...


I know you asked for a taxi and I may have missed your reasoning behind it. have you considered the L? I've taken it several times and it goes to more places than you think. Pink line station at s Cicero.

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