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According to Uber, it is possible, it even lists suggested prices from the airport to San Francisco and Palo Alto, one more thing: Trips to or from SFO on uberX, UberBLACK, or UberSUV are subject to a $4 airport surcharge and any applicable tolls.


As first-hand experience from someone who lives in that city... In theory, yes, definitely. This is standard. In practice, a lot of taxi drivers will try to find an excuse so they don't have to accept payment by card (like "Oh, but you should have asked before, I don't have that machine on me"). I only had it happen once that the driver really couldn't ...


According to several sites online, most taxis will take credit cards in Frankfurt. However, as the third link suggests, it's always worth checking with the driver first to ensure that a) they take credit cards and b) whether or not there are any fees associated with doing so: Always confirm with your Frankfurt Airport taxi driver if they take credit ...

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