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We got a cab from the airport to the city for 12 Euro we gave him 15 as we were happy after reading all the horror stories before coming here.


This is what i would advice and also an extra tip... Save yourself the stress , worries and the dragging with suitcases and spend the few baht/dollar/euro and take the Bell bus which cost 305 euro. It is quite fast and very comfortable. If you are at Hua Hin, you probably can walk or take and if not, take taxi from the busstation to your resort/hotel. ...


Besides Viator, GetYourGuide.com seems to have some tours as well, though again, you are limited by choice and the current ones don't inspire a lot of confidence. Kijubi has some tours listed for Dominican Republic, though I couldn't find anything for Santo Domingo specifically. You can hire guides off TourHQ s well. They have a decently strong guide ...


Yes. Viator is a service that allows you to do just that. Their list of Santo Domingo tour guides is short, though. I've used these guys in the past and was very pleasantly surprised. However, as none of the guides are employed by Viator, mileage will vary.

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