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The Caravanistan guide that you cite describes getting from Baku to Alat but it is not too hard to backtrack: from Alat port take a minibus / taxi to the bus stop from there take bus 195 to Baku Looking at google maps, this seems to be the Alat port to me. You are looking for transportation from the port to the bus stop where the 195 will take you to ...


They wanted €40, but I managed to get it for €35.


Taxis from the airport to the city center cost 10-20 euros. Therefore a trip to Mitrovica (which is 2.5 times as far) should be around 40-50 euros, depending on your negotiation skills.


If an Uber driver rating drops below a certain level, the driver is warned and eventually may be deactivated. Drivers see the ratings of passengers and may choose not to accept a ride if the passenger has a low rating.


I don't see any problem at all at finding a cab at Navtlugi or wherever you want in Tbilisi. Just rise you hand on the road and any free car will stop near you. And also I am sure that plenty of cabs reside on the Navtlugi station. However, if you want to be super safe, you can call taxi by phone with following numbers: 2 717 717 291 14 14 2939 100 ...


In Vancouver: yes. However, currently this is a very bad deal because the cabbie will offer a 1:1 exchange rate so you are paying 20% more. Source: personal experience.

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