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Tasmanian Alkaloids offers (or at least used to, I can't find up to date information) a "Beyond Farm Gate Tour". I'd suggest contacting them or the Northern Midlands Women in Agriculture Discussion Group who ran the tour, as they may have contacts for such a tour.


It's hard to travel in Tasmania without a car -- but you can most definitely rent a car if you're under 25, although you'll need to pay a premium. Check out Redspot, which serves both Hobart and Launceston airports and happily rents to drivers 21 and over, plus random small local hire companies (Google or the first hostel you stay in will have listings).


If you're not uncomfortable with a little uncertainty, hitch-hiking is easy, and reliable almost anywhere in Tasmania. Folk are friendly and as a wilderness state it's been the custom to hitch into and out of bushwalking tracks for generations. A modern fear and paranoia exists which will decry the suggestion, recommend against it, and possibly denounce me ...


Tasmania does have a city bus network to take you places. There are no trains. Taxis are also only available in the towns like Hobart. To travel cross-country, you can pick from a multitude of bus lines.

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