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There is one by gate 47. It could not be less obvious and is not signposted or marked on any map. Customer service staff seem unaware of its existence. There is none in any of the main toilets and I couldn't find one in the Flybe/Ryanair hub.


There is always a place where you can get water for free. The easiest and most obvious solution is finding a water fountain, or a drinking water tap. Walk up to a bar. Ask them to refill it, and most of the bars will refill it (for free) without hesitation. Once they even added ice (spontaneously) because it was a hot day with a lot of delays. They have ...


I think that websites displaying water fountain locations is probably asking a bit much of any public facility. Water is now available in some UK airports free of charge, after calls from a watchdog; A spokesman for airport operator BAA said drinking fountains offering free water were already installed at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Southampton ...

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