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Define necessary. No one is going to report you to the authorities if you don't take meds; no one at customs is going to deny you entry if you don't carry them in. But failing to take prophylaxis seems unnecessarily risky, considering the potential consequences. There has been enormous progress eliminating Plasmodium falciparum from Zanzibar, through the ...


Though it's not advised to take prophylaxis for extended periods, you would not want several days of your holiday to be spent sick in bed because you didn't take your prophylaxis. Sure, taking prophylaxis will not prevent you from getting malaria, but it will lessen the risk.


The general (worldwide) trend is probably to extend VOA but since visa rules are in a constant state of flux buying a visa from a Consulate should provide some reassurance that you won’t be declined boarding due to the withdrawal of a VOA facility. VOAs can be cheaper than visas via Consulates which are easy money, so not promoted as heavily (eg by visa ...


It seems that regular visas and visa-on-arrival are more-or-less equivalent in Tanzania. The main difference is that citizens from a handful of (African) countries are not eligible for the visa-on-arrival and that such visas are only available at a limited number of designated port of entries (not at smaller airports or road borders). But for a German ...

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