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Here you can see the real time schedule: it is from an Italian website but infos are in English and Mandarin


As per the official tourism website of Yonaguni town as well as Japanese Wikipedia (last updated on 12 May 2016), no, there isn't. The only options are by plane or ferry from Ishigaki or Naha (the ferry from Naha being mentioned only on Wikipedia, and only as "irregular").


This attraction hillside in Taiwan Alishan. Called the Two Yanping Mountain Trail. My family was living in the mountains corner 40 minutes travel.


Theoretically no. However their are two threads over on flyertalk discussing exactly this. In the first one, a person claims regularly to pass through airside transit without a boarding pass check in order to reach the lounge. They then use their EVA Diamond card to access the lounge. The second newer thread contains information from an EVA Lounge Host: ...

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