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I am an American who was raised and grew up in the northern Philippines. There is a way to travel to Taiwan from Aparri or Sta Ana, Both in Cagayan. Sta Ana by RoRo or from Aparri by pump boat. the trip takes a day. rough waters. you travel via the Batanes Islands, maybe a stop in Basco. Its about $20 for fare.


I have one piece of advice for you. If it's a time where huge numbers of people are out such as midnight on New Years's Eve, taxi drivers might not want go anywhere near the crowds. I'm talking about something like trying to get a taxi driver in New York to take you to the ball drop location when there are 1 million people out. I never met a rude taxi ...


Taiwan will have the same week long holiday as the mainland, officially starting on the 18th. The biggest days are the first two: the 18th is new year's eve and the 19th is the first day of the new year. Things will be very busy. People come home from afar to be with their families during the holiday, so the population density goes up significantly. Whether ...

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