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You can find sea cucumber in markets near harbor or hotel restaurant. The price is around NT$400/600g in port markets, but it depends on some factors. In hotel restaurant, a set of sea cucumber in Evergreen Hotel is about NT$2000. I think there are meals of sea cucumber in most 5-star hotel. If you can read Chinese, have a check on this website for this ...


It's not uncommon, so you can buy them in any traditional market. There are, however, the real one and the "fake" one. I will recommend going to a decent restaurant and order a dish with it. Most fancier Chinese restaurants should have it.


Yes you can. There are still some in Taipei. http://www.u2mtv.com/html/about/03.aspx is one of the chains. You can pick the movie you want from the shelf (they're all legit copies, btw), then check out and pick a room. You can also order food from them for you to enjoy. Just FYI, it's popular among teenagers because of the private suites... and you could ...

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