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It's feldkirch. I live near there. (It's the view from the schattenburg, the blue "hypo" sign in both pictures is the same sign)


Google reverse image search says that it might be Feldkirch, Vorarlberg. Indeed the church and the first house in the foreground (the one with the two windows underneath the straight part of the roof) seem to be the ones in the picture below from Wikipedia: File:Feldkirch3.jpg, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 3.0 Google maps places it here. By precise ...


Normally, the rule is based on a sliding 180-day window: for every day you are in Schengen, considering the previous 179 days, you are allowed to have been in Schengen for no more than 89 of those days. I don't know how your past overstay would affect this. Probably the days between your application and its denial do not count. If they did, though, the ...


According to Roaddistance going through Zurich to Amsterdam are your two quickest options.

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