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If you cannot walk, you will not be able to get there; the lac is in the middle of the mountains. The closest you can get by car would be Verbier, it is a ski town, and get as high as possible with a ski lift (chairlift or cabin) and see if you can walk around a "little bit". As to seeing the animals, good luck, I imagine that even for experienced trekkers ...


Chillon Castle, located on a rock on the banks of Lake of Geneva near Montreux. Kyburg Castle, located between Zurich and Winterthur very close to A1. Both places are kinds friendly and very close to your route.


No one can answer this question - because it depends on the strength of your application and its supporting documents. It also depends if this is the first time you are applying or if you have a previous history of Schengen travel. However, I will note one point that your visa will not be canceled / invalidated if it is issued after the flight date. The ...


To bring soil into the USA you need an APHIS permit. While perhaps you could apply for a permit, there are attached rules requiring treatment of that soil to assure no pests enter the USA. So from a practical point of view, the answer would be no. ...

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