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To bring soil into the USA you need an APHIS permit. While perhaps you could apply for a permit, there are attached rules requiring treatment of that soil to assure no pests enter the USA. So from a practical point of view, the answer would be no. ...


I have no experience in paragliding. However, I often see people paragliding on the Salève (a small mountain nearby Geneva, accessible by public transport and a cable car). I also often see people paragliding in Chamonix (Brévent). You can take a bus to Chamonix in the center of Geneva (Gare routière de Genève).


Since you are transferring from a non-Schengen flight to an intra-Schengen one, you will enter the Schengen Area in Switzerland. You will therefore have to go through passport security, and clear immigration, at Zurich airport: Travel outside the Schengen area If you are travelling to or from countries that do not adhere to the Schengen Agreement ...


Yes - it seems to be possible to rent gear. The local Swiss tourist board website gives a list of a few shops in the area (click on Explore). The first, Wyss Sport in Kleine Scheidegg offers rental of jackets and "shoes" for the trip to the Jungfraujoch - and their shop is near to the start of the Jungfraujoch Railway. There are a few other shops listed in ...


You can, if your visa is valid for the Schengen zone and not just for Germany (it will say on the top of the visa). If you have such a visa, you are free to travel within the Schengen zone (of which Switzerland is a member). Upon exit from Switzerland, your passport will be stamped as you will be leaving the Schengen area.


Switzerland – while not part of the European Union – belongs to the Schengen area so you don't need anything else than a Schengen visa. You won't even leave the Schengen area (or, in all likelihood, see any border guard) before leaving Zurich.

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