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If you want to exit the airport and look around, then you will need a visa. If you remain in the transit area, then you will not need a visa if you are at the airport for less than 48 hours. Source: http://www.visaswitzerland.co.uk/VisaSwitzerlandTransit.php


Yes, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires that photographs attached to visa applications are not more than 6 months old.


In case of those transiting Switzerland without leaving the airport international transfer zone, here are the countries that do require for its citizens to have airport transit visas: https://www.bfm.admin.ch/dam/data/bfm/rechtsgrundlagen/weisungen/visa/vhb/vhb1-anh07a-d.pdf This list is from Switzerland's FDFA -- the website of the Swiss Federal Office for ...


You need to pay a highway tax (about 30 Swiss Francs) if you plan to travel by car on national highways. Provincial (Canton) highways are not effected by this tax. The sticker is valid for one year (for example year 2015). A national highway can be easily recognized. The signs at the entrance and at the exists are green, otherwise they are blue. The sticker ...


The rules for Switzerland are almost the same as for Austria. The country is part of the Schengen area, which means it honors Schengen visas (or visa-free visit rules for US citizens) but also that the days spent in the country count towards the 90-day duration of stay limit for your girlfriend. Even if you often see border guards standing around, most of ...


No problem at all! The Schengen visa will suffice. I did the same thing with a Japanese girlfriend once ;-)


Yes, Switzerland is part of the Schengen area, so you will have no trouble traveling there, provided you remain within your 90 days of 180. You will still see border checkpoints for commercial traffic, as Switzerland is not part of the EEA, but you should not be affected.

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