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According to the Swiss webpage on Business Class services, as a Business class customer you'll have access to the following services: Comfortable, reclining seats A larger food selection for meals Better entertainment More luggage allowance Access to lounges (there is a lounge in Montreal - AC Maple Leaf Lounge, Between gates 52 and 53) Priority check-in, ...


Unless the long layover is due to a flight delay or cancellation, no, you are not entitled to anything more than any other passenger in your fare class. You agreed to it when you booked your flights, and everything else is your responsibility.


The website states it: In addition to your one piece of hand luggage your allowed to: Adults and children with their own seats may also take the following on board: Handbag, laptop bag or shoulder bag (max. 40 x 30 x 10 cm) Child's seat One pair of crutches, arm or leg splints, other kinds of prostheses Medical equipment So you can take an ...


Technically, a handbag, laptop bag etc. doesn't count as hand luggage, but is often also called "personal item". So you still have one piece of hand luggage, and the additional personal item.


International business is typically a big step up. You can check your airplane and seat configuration at websites like this It looks like Swiss is flying a spiffy A330 with flat bed seats in business from YUL to ZRH. Meal services has multiple courses, with real cutlery and a nice ...


Switzerland is a Schengen country, so immigration clearance will happen in Zurich. Assuming you are booked through on a single airline ticket, your bags should be checked through to Dusseldorf and you will not need to claim them in Zurich though. You will not need a transit visa for Zurich, as your Schengen visa will be good for both Switzerland and ...

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