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In France, the law puts the mayor in charge of securing bathing areas so all rules are indeed local. However, it's mostly about deciding where bathing is allowed or not and not so much on clothing and other details. While there are typically extensive rules for public swimming pools, I have never heard of similar rules for open-air swimming, whether they ...


I think that ultimately it is up to you to do whatever you feel like is safer for you. Given a choice nobody, be it here on TSE or elsewhere, will (want to) make this decision for you. What I can do however is to give you a few pointers to help you make an informed decision. Sinking Might Be Hard, Drowning Not so Much First things first the Dead Sea is ...


A Dead Sea is many curative characteristics. It not so is intended for bathing as other seas or oceans. But I think if you will bath and dive - nothing bad will happen with you)


The Gstaad Palace Hotel fits your needs. It has both indoor and outdoor pools, and it states that the outdoor pool is available in winter ("including winter outdoor pool"). The hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel, and is situated in Gstaad, a village in the canton of Bern, in Switzerland.

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