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While the answer from Primož is good, I thought I'd add a couple of places I had found: Slap Virje Photo by CMaster, released under CC BY-SA A 5 minute drive or probably 20 minute walk or so outside of Bovec, and a popular sight-seeing spot. There are two pools under the fall, one of significant size and depth making for a good swimming location. The ...


Soča is fast flowing only in it's upper part (from Bovec upwards) where people mostly indulge in whitewater canoeing, rafting and other sports. From Bovec downwards the river slows down and is great (and safe) to swim in. Generally there are many places to swim - even upwards of Bovec where water tends to be colder and swimming sites can be less accessible -...


I have had one experience where we got changed in our rooms and went to the spa in robes and slippers. On the way back the only way to the room is to go through the bar area which was now in full swing with a wedding party - very embarrassing :)


I stay in quite a lot of hotels (more than I realised when I added up the nights last year!), many of which have pools. All I can say in general is... There is no general rule! So, what I do first is to grab the guest information directory thingy in the room (normally a binder or little booklet), and check in there under leisure or facilities or spa. Around ...


It is most common to don your bathing attire in your room then cover up on the walk from the room to the pool area. For men, this can be just a shirt/t-shirt if the swim suite is trunks or boardshorts. If you're wearing a Speedo, cover that with shorts as well. Women would normally wear a Sundress or Sarong. I would not expect Lockers at a 5-Star Resort. ...


To answer your questions : Do I get changed into pool clothes in my room and go to the pool in the hotel bathrobe? Or can I expect changing facilities there and am expected to use those? It all depends of the hotel. I would say that generally speaking, it isn't an issue to go to the pool with the bathrobe but you might find yourself in an ...


There's one at the Golden nugget in Las Vegas: According to this list of waterslides, there is the Dolphin Plunge at Aquatica Sea World in Orlando, Florida. As well as the Atlantis in the Bahamas that @Johns-305 mentions: Aquatica San Antonio has one that goes through a stingray tank: Also one in Tenerife. Watch the video on youtube.


Atlantis in the Bahamas also has two similar attractions. Sorry, there are none that use open water since they need to control the entire experience.

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