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To expand the other answer and my comment ... Why do you want to do this? Your profile says you plan to live in Sweden for a bit then Canada. I'm assuming you want to take the Taser to Canada, and there it might be legal, the prohibited weapons lists says only: 30 Device with incapacitating electric charge shorter than 480 mm This category ...


According to Wikipedia, Tasers are considered firearms in Sweden and are banned for civilian use Attempting to conceal it by disassembling will not change the legal status, but will leave you open for further legal issues. The Canadian regulations are similar, but obviously not that relevant if you can't first take is to Sweden.


According to the website of the Stockholm public transport system: Tickets are available in full price, for adults, and reduced price, for children and young people under 20 years of age as well as for those over the age of 65. So it looks like you'll have to pay full price.


The reduced price for tickets is only for teenagers (up to 19, that is). So unfortunately you cannot travel with those. But if you are a student and are carrying some student ID (even if you live abroad), I believe you can get tickets within the same price range as the reduced ones!


I live in suburban Stockholm so here is a locals view on the topic. Gamla stan Just taking a nice walk through Gamla Stan should be doable in a couple of hours so you will have plenty of more time to explore other parts of the city. In Gamla Stan - try to stay away from Västerlånggatan which is the most touristy street. Österlånggatan is a nicer option. ...


You're looking for a travel guide. I hear Lonely Planet is popular, and they have apps too. Tripwolf and Triposo are well-rated app-centric travel guides. These will certainly cover world natural heritage places, culturally important places and places to eat as well as you'll be able to find anywhere. Climbing, however, is a special interest that general ...

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