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As per some other reviews online: Some of the trains are fitted with luggage racks and toilet facilities (usually located behind the drivers cabin or near the guard's cabin) And last year there was a drive to improve the toilet facilities that did exist, where they existed: Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said it is reasonable ...


Most trains coming down and up along the Gold Coast (an hour to an hour and a half journey) are serviced with possibly 1-3 toilets on board. These are usually located on the outside edge, i.e. furthest from one end or the other on the inside of the carriage. They are very well kept and quite large. Though you may have to jump out out of the train at one stop ...


Yes, there are several, and most run multiple services a day. Most will stop along the way though - rather than being a direct service. Henry's Airporter The Pickup Company Sun Air Cooloola Connections Prices and times vary, so it's best you have a look and choose the best for you and your group.


With the help of the very handy TransLink journey planner, it turns out it can be done just fine! Currently, there are no trains serving the Sunshine Coast (though a branch line is proposed). Instead, you need to take a Nambour Train from Roma Street Station or Central Station, and then change at somewhere like Woombye for the bus to the coast. The train ...

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