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Documents required for Student Visa are: Visa Application forms dully filled out and signed. The passport must be valid for the intended period of your stay in Spain with at least one blank page to affix the visa. Two recent photos passport size with a white background. Letter of acceptance as a full time student from Spain’s University/School ...


Always provide what the form asks for. Providing something else is NOT effective. If they ask for your bank accounts, that's what you're going to have to provide. If the money you're going to use is in another one, you'll need to provide yours, your father's, AND a letter explaining why you've done this. This is reasonable, and common. A friend had his ...


No. The visa is valid for a fixed period of time, which I'm sure you realise as you use the term 'expired'. It usually has a date on the visa, and if that date is in the past, you can not use it in the present or future. You'll need to get a new student visa, or you will be turned away when you try to board your flight.

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