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For once, I think it's possible to give a general opinion. EUR 860 is slightly over the level of welfare benefits (revenu d'int├ęgration) and it's lower than the minimal wage for full-time work (between EUR 1000 and EUR 1400 depending on age). Median (after-tax) wage is EUR 1800. But rent is a big item so your allowance should provide a comfortable income if ...


Expatriates mentions 1year+ and it seems possible your sojourn might be a lot less than that. You exclude rent, which may be one of the key differences between a long-term and a short-term visit. You also mention you would be a student so maybe Clothes and Personal Care would be low priority, as often the case for travellers in general. So I think your ...


To answer parts 2 & 3, your passport, visa application and supporting documents must be delivered by hand to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate covering the area you reside it. You don't have to physically do this, you can have a visa agency handle the physical aspects. I have used China Visa Service Center ( http://www.mychinavisa.com/ ) in the past for ...


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