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Exchange programs and visas are unrelated. You will apply for any exchange programs as a student of Universidad de X, Mexico, and you will likely not even have to mention your nationality. But if you're accepted, you will have to apply for the visa as a citizen of Nicaragua. Of course, both the "sending" and "receiving" universities will support your ...


Assuming that the visa you're getting is a type D (long-stay) visa issued by Italy: The visa will allow you to stay in Italy only without complying with the 90/180 rule relative to your earlier stays in the Schengen area. So you should have no problems if you travel directly to Italy when you re-enter. If you're going to transit through a different ...


Your current residence permit only allows you to visit other Schengen countries for 90 days within a 180 days period. So if you want to stay more than 90 days in another Schengen country, you need to apply for a new national visa (type D) or a residence permit from that country.


According to the Auswärtiges Amt, it would seem that your only course of action is to ask at the "foreigners authority" of the federal state in which you are studying (emphasis added): [...] visa applications must be approved by the relevant foreigners authority in Germany, i.e. the foreigners authority in the place where the applicant intends to take up ...

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