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The only folks who can accurately answer your question regarding any new laws would be the Immigration Office. With the military government's push towards following the rule of law it is hard to guess how strict immigration will be from here forward. Your friend might wish to prepare by documenting his illness, bills or invoices from the hospital, a letter ...


The exact rules and implementation of stopovers varies a bit between airlines. I don't know the KLM specific answer, but at a high level the answer is the same for most airlines. Price In general, you pay the same price for the airfare, plus the extra for the stopover. However there can be cases where the airfare will go up due to the addition of the ...


Also checkout Hipmunk.com they certainly show a variety of options so should show you which stops are available to you between certain stops and on what airlines. Mind you they do not have all the airlines but it should give you some idea.


Sounds like Rome2Rio? Doesn't show you all the possibilities, mind you, but a sensible subset, and also works in trains, buses, ferries etc when applicable.

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