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I don't know if this also applies in the US, but I've notices that Mcdonald usually have a microwave in their fast food restaurants. I think they are meant for heating baby food.


In addition to the other excellent answers, from personal experience when you are farther away from larger highways there are less likely to be large "truck stops" and travel centers. However, gas stations are generally run by clerks who are usually bored and generally friendly, and they rarely if ever object to you using the gas station microwave for your ...


You can buy a microwave that operates on 12 volts. They aren't as powerful as mains voltage ones (600 watts or so, compared to 1500 watts) but they do the trick. You can buy them from places that cater to RVers or mail order. Here is one example Note that even at 600 watts, the current draw is 55 amps. You should plan on wiring it directly to your car ...


TA Travel centers and similar truck-stop like facilities might be your best bet. They cater to people spending lots of time on the road. They often have showers and other facilities that go beyond regular retail restaurant/gas station stops


Since you are leaving the airport and do not only stay in airside transit, you will need a visa even though you're staying less than 24h - unless you're from one of the countries whose citizens are allowed visa free travel, see this wikipedia article for a list of countries. If you were staying airside in international transit and you're staying for less ...


The visa policy for Aussie citizens: Australian citizens are able to visit the United Kingdom for up to 6 months (or 3 months if they enter from the Republic of Ireland) without the need to apply for a visa as long as they fulfil all of the following criteria: they do not work during their stay in the UK they must not register a marriage ...

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