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To 1:) This is actually quite simple. For example, the search engine Kayak.com offers this: click on "Multi-city" and just add all the parts of your journey. Only list cities in which you want to leave the airport - there may still be layovers on the individual parts of the journey. Note that this will find airfares that are for return flights (with ...


A possible way to do 1 is to first use search engines to find out which airlines offer both flights with and without stopovers, and then book directly from the airline's website. Usually, you are able to select both legs separately among all their offered flights.


In practice, if you want to do it yourself online, you have to use the “multi-city ticket” option, i.e. instead of looking for a return ticket and then somehow adding stopovers, you would search for a trip with four legs: Jakarta-San Francisco, San Francisco-Los Angeles, Los Angeles-Tokyo, and finally Tokyo-Jakarta. Multi-city searches are not available ...


Short Answer The short answer to your question is you should check the "staying" box since the purpose of your layover is to visit friends. The duration of this layover is not important according to US immigration laws. What matters is the purpose. See below for the explanation. Long Answer Defining Transit vs Stay I believe that the temporal ...

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