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Alternatively, you could go to Groningen, in the north of The Netherlands. The past couple of matches have been shown on large screens on the market square ("Grote Markt"). The semi-final against Argentina will be shown there as well, so there's a good chance the final will be shown as well. Here's a YouTube video of the penalty in the match against ...


As of now it is not yet officially confirmed. Thus far mayor of Amsterdam has not allowed quarter-finals nor semi-finals, as matches with Dutch participation start at 22:00 (10pm) and can end as late as 01:00 (1am), which is too late according to Amsterdam's bureaucrats. So one thing for sure, you will not be able to watch the semi-final on the big screen ...


Details are yet to be confirmed but the main location would be the Museumplein, south of the centre. See 1 and 2 If public viewing is allowed here or elsewhere, the municipality requires that access must be free of charge and sufficient water should be available for free.

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