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A place where you most definitely have Canon products is Anigota which is a Canon dealer for Croatia. You can find their store in Gundulićeva 26 in Split. The store is called "Kodak centar d.o.o." and it's near "Panasonic centar". According to their website, they're open Mondays - Fridays 08:00 - 20:00 and Saturdays 08:00 - 13:00.


The Joker Centre is a good possibility - it was the first major mall to open in Split, back in 2007, and has over 50 outlets of major global brands. Odds are good that an electronics store exists, and that they could help you. At the very least they could direct you to somewhere else who does. The address is: Put Brodarice 6 near the Diocletian Palace ...


I am from Croatia and I find their site confusing as well. Maybe this link can help you. IMHO, on this link you have very clear timetable for selected date if that is what you want to find


Have a look at http://www.autobusni-kolodvor.com/en/terminal.aspx. There's a bus at 7 am that goes to Plitvice (en route to Serbia). It seems like the last bus to Split leaves at 3:45 pm, which gives you just over 5 hours at the park. You need to be at the bus stop early to flag the bus when it comes. If you get off at entrance 2 at Plitvice (which you can ...


On this page, after selecting the English language, you can easily find all the schedule between Split and Supetar (and other cities). As I've understood, these ferries are quite easy to use - they are frequent (near once in 2 hours) and fast (near 50 minutes to go).


You can leave your bag at the entrance for a small price, I think it was around 2-3 euro. There are some lockers, though the big ones are rare, so in case you have a full-size luggage, you need a bit of luck, but it worked for me. Going early to the bus stop is very crucial. I didn't reserve any tickets, I don't remember whether it was even possible to do ...


Kapetan Luka TP operate a high-speed ferry between Split and Dubrovnik, with various intermediate stops including Korcula. According to the linked website, between the 1st of June and 27th September 2015, the ferries run every day. It would seem there's one ferry that runs a round trip Split - Dubrovnik - Split within the same day. Below is the timetable and ...

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