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Unless there are emergency-related circumstances, you cannot extend a visa-free stay in Schengen. Do visit the Comisaría General de Extranjería though and explain your situation, it doesn't hurt to try.


I found someone who knows. One of the residents of Villamayor de Monjardín was three years old when it was built in 1948. It was a gravity water tower that has since been replaced by pumps. There is a spring on Montejurra, a mountain some distance away. They actually ran pipes down into the valley and up this hill to a tank that is no longer in or on the ...


Leos! I recommend you to use car rental comparison services like By this link Ibiza car rental you will find all available cars and companies in Ibiza Airport. The results will filter all available companies for your time. Even if you arrive at 1 AM. I checked your request and find about 80 different cars available from Alamo, Europcar, ...


We like Porto Petro a small mallorquin fishing village with a small harbour only 5 minutes from one of the famous beaches "Cala Mondrago" away. We have rent a apartment with a local agency Inmobiliaria Porto Petro here Hope that help!!


As stated in comments, going to Saint Jean Pied du Port from Barcelona can take quite long. Unless necessary to go via Barcelona, try to get a flight to Bilbao or San Sebastián, so that you can decrease the travelling time. You can even check flights from Barcelona to Bilbao, which can be found for good prices. Anyway, if you decide to go from Barcelona, ...


Last news says it should be ready for passengers in the first half of 2017 (last paragraph): The last comment you got is right, one half is Granada-Antequera and the other Antequera-Sevilla... not sure how that will play out though.

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