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The 180 day calculation is on the basis of a sliding window. First, ignore any days when you were in Germany on your German residence permit. Then, for each day you're in the Schengen area, look at the 179 preceding days. If you were in the Schengen area for more than 89 of those days, you've been in the Schengen area too long. Therefore, assuming your ...


Both your options should work without any problem, but you also have a further, much simpler and also legal option: Enter in July as a visa-exempt US citizen and stay. Assuming that your Spanish long-term visa is valid from e.g. August 1st, the period you stay until end of July will count on your 90/180 days visa-free allowance and the long-term visa will ...


@Aganju's answer is spot but here is another more generic tip: Use or mappy (as suggested by @Olielo). They do not seem better or worse than Google Maps to find a route, but they also provide an estimate of the tolls that seems pretty accurate (roughly matches my experience, even if I haven't done any systematic comparison). When looking at ...


Anything not going through Switzerland will be much cheaper. Switzerland sells annual toll tickets ('Märkli') only, which for a single trip easily beats any other toll. Each countries' toll road agencies will have websites where you can calculate the expected amounts. Note that in some countries, different toll roads are handled by different agencies.

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