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If your Schenghen Visa will still be valid then you will not need to apply for a new Visa. http://es.vfsglobal.co.uk/london/allaboutyourvisas.html


A quick google search reveals a number of results for wwoof la palma. These include blog stories of people who have actually volunteered, as well as WWOOF farms in La Palma (here is a random result). For more information on the topic I would suggest you look on the WWOOF España website.


I assume you are a US citizen, based on your statement that you will fly "back to the US." Because you are a citizen of a visa-exempt country, you should be able to enter on the date of your visa's expiration. Time spent in Spain on a Spanish long-term visa or residence permit does not count toward the 90-day total. Therefore, you should also not be ...


Yes, it's a problem. You should respect both the validity period (“from”/“to”) and the maximum stay. It's perfectly possible to get a visa valid for a longer time but with only a short maximum stay. It's not OK to stay longer if you have already exhausted the maximum stay, even if the visa is still valid. Best case scenario: Nobody notices and you can ...

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