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Currently the only variant to visit the cosmos is to go to the International Space Station The only way to visit the ISS is to go there aboard a Russian Soyuz (spacecraft). Note: you must go through some training before this. The price is up to $40 000 000 (and $15 000 000 more to go to open space). In the near future the Russian company RosCosmos is going ...


Unfortunately since 1972, travel to the moon has been non-existent, tourism or business. Currently the best bets to get yourself to the moon are with the USA, the European Space Agency and China - all have serious space programs with intentions to return, but are in no hurry - indeed the European Space Agency prefers robotic missions in general. NASA was ...


Another more graphical answer:


Virgin Galactic is now saying it will be in 2013 ( and ) and $200,000 per person. I have no affiliation; a friend of mine is on the waiting list. As explains, your choices are to ...


It is just an illusion nothing more. Map from Bing maps


The Apollo 11 astronauts had to clear customs when they arrived back from the moon. and declare their 'cargo' of moon rock and dust samples. According to NASA spokespeople it's genuine, but it was a bit of a joke at the time.


Here's another source for what appears to be the same photograph downloadable at higher resolution. I think it's the parking lot (and row of trees next to it) encircling a bus garage. Here is a link to Google Earth (via Google Maps) zoomed in on it. The image is rotated relative to Google's map (north is not "straight up"), and, as someone else pointed out, ...


With the privatisation of space travel business, there are some interesting projects in pipeline. Check the below links: Virgin Galactic - Richard Branson's Virgin Group Venture Blue Origin - Jeff Bezos' (Amazon CEO) venture Space Elevator List of private spaceflight companies


You could enjoy a four-day tour to Baikonur for the low, low price of 3790 EUR1. These are organized to coincide with a planned launch from the station, so you'll be able to combine this with some sightseeing around the cosmodrome. The package is said to include: Transport between the Airports and your hotel Visa support A guide (English, French, Spanish, ...


Space tourism has been taking place since 2001 The first real space tourist1 was Dennis Tito, spending a week on the ISS in mid-2001. The trip cost him about $20 million US and was organized by Space Adventures, who organized a total of 8 trips for 7 tourists (Charles Simonyi went twice) to the ISS between 2001 and 2009. All trips were made aboard Soyuz-TMA ...


A company, Golden Spike, offers bookings for lunar tours in the next decade. According to news articles, the fee is as low as $1.4 billion.

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