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You risk significant penalties if you fail to declare items which you clearly know that you have in your baggage and which might even just possibly be covered by the rules. You clearly know you have the snakes and the sand, so you'd have no defence there. Sand MIGHT be deemed to be soil on a bad day in poor light by a customs officer with a hangover - and ...


Generally speaking, if in doubt, you are supposed to declare the goods and ask customs officers, not assume it's OK until you get caught. Customs officers are not likely to look for pretexts to ignore the rules. Unless you are absolutely sure it's OK to import sand and bottled snakes in the EU, then you need to put it on any declaration form you have to ...


You're affected by the laws of the country where you currently are. So if the country laws prohibit owning any specific flag - you'd better obey. Countries typically only care about their own flags. However the Wikipedia article you linked to describes use of flags and that doesn't include owning the flag. Common restrictions may include: prohibition of ...


A friend back from Ireland gave me a book. She stayed at Limerick. The book was a collection of limericks.

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