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If you go to developed parts of South East Asia, bring a reasonable amount of clothes and do laundry. Just bring a good 45L backpack. Besides, t-shirts and shorts in Vietnam, Thailand etc are super cheap :-) Do not bring a suitcase with wheels, it will be very cumbersome.


Malaysia is hot and humid year-round but it has the lowest average rainfall from June to September. Like Malaysia, Singapore’s weather stays fairly constant throughout the year, with temperatures only ranging from 30-33°C. June to August is driest.


For upper body, you’ll need a windproof, breakable jacket and a medium jacket full of down or synthetic fill. For lower body, you'll need a pair of gore-tex windproof, waterproof and breathable trousers. Some medium weight polar fleece trousers, some medium weight thermal leggings, a pair of walking trousers (not cotton), some nylon shorts (not cotton) ...

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