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You can also catch a glimpse of North Korea on the Jayu-ro highway, for instance around 37.802870, 126.683044. Nothing very interesting though, just some hills across the sea. The tour I took to DMZ (you can't get there without a tour) took us via that road, because it's one of the easiest places to see North Korea close to Seoul. According to our tour ...


The closest you can get on your own would be going to right before the DMZ. The North and the South each control 2km of the DMZ. Other than some special tour packages such as these, access to the DMZ is very controlled. You can see the North from several of the sites that are on the tourist packages.


According to Timatic you may not need to if you don't depart back to Australia when arriving from Australia. Visa required, except for Holders of a visa issued by Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand or USA to nationals of Viet Nam, only if in transit through Korea (Rep.): For details, click here CLARIFICATION Visa Exemptions: ...


The main thing is your itinerary is the wrong way around. You have to be coming to or from one of the nominated visa countries. You can't go to China first you should come to and from the US. I hope you got through. Did you have a problem coming from China?

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