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In this scenario it might have been best to get a D-4 visa since you are learning Korean at Seoul. I'm not too sure if it is a D-4 so you should ask your local Korean embassy for clarification. (Full link) Visa for General Training (D-4): For persons who study Korean at a university-...


The answer is likely to be yes. For starters, kayaking on the Han river is a commonly practised water-sport both by local clubs, and by tourists with organised tours. Park authorities even rent kayaks out. Now, the water quality of the Han river has been radically improving since governmental efforts began making it a priority in 1982. The most recent ...


You can rent a so called "egg" from various website like and it provides wifi hotspot, then you can use your cell phone connect to it and use apps like google map. I rented for less than $10 per day, and the data is unlimited. Speed is decent too.


There is always something going on but like mentioned typically less so on weekdays unless you are well acquainted with a local or maybe not foreign. I've seen some clubs in Seoul popping on a weekday but they were clubs for Koreans only. My general rule of thumb is, Thursday-Sunday is always a good bet. Monday and Tuesday can be a little less lively. ...


I went to Seoul in summer 2015 and I could use my Visa everywhere. I cannot tell if there are some places which will reject your mastercard, most likely there will be but I've stayed there for a month and I could pay and withdraw money without any issue. As far as I know, Koreans have plenty of credit cards and they use it on daily basis so you should not ...


I believe Kayak and Skyscanner should provide you what you are looking for, isn't it? It not, then you might want to try the airlines website directly.


It is presently not possible to travel from S Korea to the US, or anywhere else, via freighter. Since the Sewol sinking, Korea has restricted embarkation for passengers on freighters, as reported to me by 4 different cargo travel agencies as of April 2016. I'm presently awaiting a CMA CGM vessel in Hong Kong, which was the next closest option. Ironically, we ...


Yes, all three major airports (Haneda, Narita, and Kansai) in Japan provide free Wi-Fi. And in South Korea, Incheon International Airport also provides free Wi-Fi. You can learn how to connect to it by the following links: Japan South Korea

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