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It'd be helpful if you indicated which locations you plan to visit as the situation can vary depending on whether it is a popular tourist destination or not. But here's more or less a general answer: Unless if you plan to drive to a remote location with few population, booking a hotel won't be a problem since majority of hotels have employees that can speak ...


You can leave Incheon Airport without a visa during your layover if you meet the following requirements. This official site, unfortunately, is quite broken; look up Tourist/Transit (General) (B-2-1) after switching to English: Visa is a fundamental requirement to enter the Republic of Korea, and in principle, foreigners must have valid visas when they ...


The answer is yes, you can use a Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, or iPhone 6, or other unlocked LTE phones, in South Korea. This is better than the old days when Korea's adherence to the CDMA standard made it unlikely for outsiders to show up with a usable phone. I bought a SIM card from one of the several shops at Incheon International Airport (ICN) near Seoul. ...


Yup, at heiniken bar now. The only beer they sell is heiniken. They sell coffee and some food items. Well, it's called heineken bar.

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