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Is it easy to learn? No, it is not easy. Korean kids struggle all the way until they get into university. You stand no chance ;-) Learning the alphabet is, in fact, quite easy. Reading anything of value is quite so very hard. In fact if you wanted to read any respectable newspaper, you better learn Korean and Chinese. Majority of fancy words are borrowed, ...


Songnae is a suburb of Seoul. In addition to the random drinking holes you'll find around the station (and any station in Seoul), you've got a one-seat ride on subway line 1 to Yongsan, Seoul's largest foreigner-friendly nightlife district, and a single transfer to Hongdae/Sinchon, for the Korean and nightclub experiences.


It is cheaper to buy a used cell phone, a pre-paid contract, and sell the phone back before you leave. It's quite common for regular (non-smart) phones. The procedure can take up to an hour, since you don't have a Korean ID and clerk will have to call/fax/etc some head office or support line to get your number registered to your passport. Renting a phone is ...

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