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I'm afraid it's more difficult than you realise. You can certainly stay in various South American or South-East Asian countries. You are almost certainly not allowed to work there, even remotely, but it's probably possible to get away with doing it. Europe is another matter. The Schengen agreement was intended to make some things easier but it's not ...


My experience (admittedly not with SA and Germany) is that you will make a new visa application. The only way a duplicate would be issued is if you were able to present the original visa, which of course you can't do.


I don't think you are entitled to travel with just that. For example, the official guidance for law enforcement personnel explains that De geprivilegieerdenkaart van Buitenlandse Zaken geeft, samen met een geldig reisdocument, de houder het recht het Schengengebied binnen te komen (en daar te reizen). In English: The geprivilegieerdenkaart from ...


The Dutch national ID card, can indeed be used as a travel document within the EEA and Switzerland. This is true for various other ID cards released by countries inside the EEA and Switzerland. Since the EEA includes the EU, and Hungary is inside the EU you should be able to fly to Budapest with your Dutch ID card.


The place to apply for a visa is always a representation of the the country you want to visit. (Or in certain cases, another country that handles visa application for the destination country. For example, the Danish embassy in London processes applications for visas to Iceland). The South African consulate issues visas for visiting South Africa -- they ...

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