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True. But not always enforced. I've traveled to South Africa many times. I've never seen South African immigrations care about this rule. However, I did once have an awful hassle getting on a plane in Zimbabwe, flying to South Africa. They were not letting me on because I only had one empty page in my passport, even though I would not have needed a visa ...


This appears to be still true. From travel.state.gov, which is generally a reliable source: Your passport must be valid for at least 30 days after your intended date of departure from South Africa. South African law requires travelers to have two fully blank visa pages. Blank “endorsement” pages are not sufficient. The blank pages must be “visa” ...


Since they changed the regulations in June 2014, they don't make you pay a fine anymore but you become an undesirable person for up to 5 years. Happened to me too, and I also have a fiancé there. I appealed 3 months ago and havn't heard back yet.

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