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According to the FAQ on South African Airways website (see number 5 below), A) What do the regulations say about parents travelling with children? Regulation 6 (12)(a): Where parents are travelling with a child, such parents must produce an unabridged birth certificate of the child reflecting the particulars of the parents of the child. ...


I'm a bit confused here: You are carrying 5 laptops from the US in your luggage. You are transiting through Dubai on your way to South Africa. In Dubai - you will not go through customs (unless you have an extended layover). So no fear of customs actions here; while you are in transit there is a security check upon arrival into the transit area but ...


The rule here is that Laptops are not subject to Customs however the quantities must not be of a commercial nature. Whether five laptops constitutes commercial quantities is basically subject to the Customs Officer's discretion. However you will have a very difficult time getting Customs to believe that you need five laptops for personal and/or work use. ...


There was a kombi from the airport to Swaziland (Mbabane and Manzini) for 400 rand

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