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Judging from your description it seems like your complaints are mainly noise related. You would most likely benefit from some noise canceling headphones. While there are many models out there, Bose has a pretty good reputation in this area.


Dress in a way that's uninviting, such as dark clothes messed up hair. For extra measures maybe even wear a shirt with a screamo band on it. Make sure their logo is a really creepy one.


Assuming you fly with a second person, you could use a small trick to increase your level on insulation. During check-in, reserve two middle seats which are directly behind (or in front) of the exit row: Since no children can sit in the exit row and parents will want to sit next to their children, you're guaranteed to have nine child-free seats. If you're ...


If you got a computer, you may just watch some tricky stuff (horror or erotic). Parents will look at you with big eyes and speak bad, but there is a high probability they will not want to sit besides you anymore. At least, they will put the kid far away from you. Best case, they will trade their seats with someone else.


Rather than using earplugs, get some headphones and listen to music or something. It'll give you something else to focus on rather than the toddler. This is the approach lots of computer programmers use in open-plan offices, by the way. If you're wanting to sleep, then choose classical music. The following is just speculation, but it may work: try having a ...


Toddlers cannot be seated in exit rows. If you are able to select your seat, choose one that has an exit row behind it. You may lose the ability to recline your seat, but you are guaranteed that there will not be a toddler behind you.


To avoid disturbance from small children, you can use a multi-pronged approach: first, try to choose flights that are more of a hassle for parents. Generally this means night flights - some parents may be sure their child will sleep (and not bother you) but others are worried the child will not sleep and will cry. So they take a daytime flight and are ...


You may avoid such problems if you travel first class. On the long term you may not be all that better off, as by the time you get used to traveling first class your tolerance of imperfections may decrease. See e.g. this review of Royal First Class travel on Thai Airways.


For a mere $160000, you can hire a private jet for London - LAX return which is a similar trip length to that of San Francisco. Source:


There are quite a few options in Tokyo for the budget conscious traveller and some of these are seasonally effected (for both price and availability). じゃらん Site:English Site:Japanese The first place most Japanese people I know (as well as personally) check is a site / app called じゃらん. じゃらん shows all hotels with vacancies including low cost business ...


I don't know if it is the cheapest, but the Sauna Century is only $18 a night, with free WiFi. Of course, your "room" will only be 1m x 1m x 2m, so the size of a generous coffin, but it's clean, safe, and cheap.


I've lived in Saint-Petersburg (and often used railroads), so this answer is based on my experience. I would recommend you not to sleep on a bench at a train station. There are waiting areas with chairs where you can spend time while waiting for your train. There might be more comfortable waiting areas at major train stations but you will have to pay money ...


My experience on French sleeper trains is that people get changed lying down on their bunk. Those who require extra privacy will slide into the sleeping blanket before removing their clothes. The top bunk will also guarantee you extra privacy since it's only visible by the adjacent bunk and not by the ones below. There is no dress code for sleeper trains. ...


If you're travelling in a small group (e.g. a couple), you can also get a compartment to yourselves for a fairly small extra charge - the Jan Kiepura from Cologne to Warsaw has compartments from 1 to 3 berths as well as the 4 or 6 berth couchettes - or if you're feeling flush, also has 1 and 2 berth deluxe compartments with a private shower and toilet. ...


This is what the compartment should more or less look like (pic from Wikipedia): As you guessed, there is no changing room or something similar. A pillow and sheet like you see in the picture are provided. There is some variation, but most people will sleep in comfortable street clothes or close to that. Usually at the end of the coach there are toilets ...


At the airports they usually have those plastic crates, either big ones to put your big bag when you checking or smaller ones that you put your things into at security check, or both. You can grab some of these and put them upside down, side by side and form an improvised bed out of them. This serves two purposes: 1) You can put all your valuable things ...


Yes, you will be offered food for free in the Nizzamuddin Eruklam Express (12284) as you are already charged in ticket. For evidence see the screenshot below which I took in the IRCTC website while booking ticket for the same train. To answer your second question the train usually reaches Manglore on time.

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