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Thanks to mkennedy's comment on the question, I found this clock on Ebay and others like it. The key phrase, as mentioned in her comment, is: silent sweep hand Combining that key phrase with snooze led to many options. Unfortunately, I have no way of checking if any of the alarms do not stop beeping after N minutes or X snooze cycles before purchase. ...


I found a helpful video for exactly this problem - and it's an easy solution: just put a pillow under your midsection and your spine will be much better supported. http://youtu.be/DQgpE3DIcXs


Yes I have heard from authorities of Shremetyevo airport that this airport remain open in night time and seems very pleasant during night also and you can enjoy your stay there. But I have no experience staying there.


You should not feel self conscious about having to wake up early. We've all had to do this at some point during our (backpacking) travels, hence you can expect people to be tolerant about your early bird alarm. Having said this there are a few unwritten rules you should respect when having to get up early in the morning in a shared hostel room: Place your ...


Have you tried a sleep cycle alarm clock (e.g. Sleep Cycle by Northcube)? I too am a heavy sleeper but if it vibrates at a shallow stage of sleep, it could wake you up without any sound. A much cheaper alternative than the shock wristband. Perhaps try using the sleep cycle as a primary alarm and the noisy alarm as a back-up if you really want to minimize ...


If you fall asleep easily, perhaps you could fall asleep with the earphones (of earbud type) in your ears and have an alarm set up on your phone with the earphones connected to the phone (set up so that the phone's speakers are muted and all sound goes to the earphones). This can be enhanced by using the tip from the comments on having phone's vibration on. ...


Many phones have a silent, vibration only mode as part of the regular alarms. A cheap Fitbit Flex band will do that too. If a vibrating alarm isn't enough, you can get a wristband that delivers electric shocks to wake up, such as the Pavlok wristband (store): At first, it will act like any other alarm clock, with a gentle vibration to get you up. But if ...


You can also get a vibrating alarm, which you can find in stores selling goods for hearing-impaired people.


Immediately turn off your alarm after you're awake. So, keep the alarm very close to your ears, under or next to your cushion, or perhaps above your head, if your hostel bed allows for that. And find the lowest sound level that wakes you.


Linate is a 24hours airport in the sense that the building is open 24hours. The shops and facilities contained in the building however are not. This means that you can indeed spend the night landside waiting for your plane, but you can't expect to purchase food, drinks (with the exceptions of vending machines) or services. Moreover, you will probably find ...


"But I'm still waiting for a non-speculative justification of why you can't lie on the floor when the plane is cruising along smoothly and passengers are allowed to wander about the rest of the plane." JPa, your question is kind of "ridiculous"...! Note that it's an absolute basic in safety situations (such as, oh, I don't know, flying 300 people through ...


The legal situation is unfortunately a bit more complicated than what is stated by Dirty-flow and user24582. Even if the German traffic regulations do not directly forbid you to sleep in your car, you may easily violate other regulations doing so. Roads and public parking spaces may in general only be used for traffical purposes and even though stopping ...


As @Dirty-flow said, sleeping in the car is allowed, but you should not sleep in the driver's seat etc. if you are drunk, to omit being fined for drunk driving. There are many areas, especially inside of the "Mittlerer Ring", where parking is restricted (residents only or parking ticket, see map or text). I'd suggest to park somewhere in the outskirts, ...


It is not forbidden to sleep in the car as long as it is parked according to the rules. I could find many articles about it, but they are in German (www.welt.de or www.anwaltauskunft.de). A good place to sleep could be a parking on a highway - there you can also find a toilet and a rubbish skip for your garbage.

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