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Yes, you will be offered food for free in the Nizzamuddin Eruklam Express (12284) as you are already charged in ticket. For evidence see the screenshot below which I took in the IRCTC website while booking ticket for the same train. To answer your second question the train usually reaches Manglore on time.


You can wait in the Arrivals area after customs if you like, although obviously it won't be comfortable. You can also wait around in the Schegen departure lounge, if you are arriving on KLM, and then exit out to meet them when they arrive. The shops and restaurants will be open until a little after midnight. If you are using a low cost carrier I believe they ...


Sleeping in Schiphol is allowed, but there is very little opportunity to do so on the Plaza side, but I've seen people put sleeping bags and mattresses down there, so there's always that. There are more than enough benches beyond customs. If you can get to this side, you could also choose one of Schiphol's hotels: Hotel Mercure or Yotel. If your flights ...

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