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According to CALTRANS the maximum stay in a 24 hour period at a CALTANS rest area is 8 hours. I live in the North West corner of the state; while there are roads that I won't drive for fear of getting shot by growers in Southern Humboldt most of the rest areas are pretty safe.


If it's a transfer where you're already behind security, sleep at the departing gate of your next flight in a highly visible area to the flight personnel. When the flight attendants call for last call, chances are they'll see you and wake you up to get on the plane. Your 7:30am flight is likely the first or perhaps second flight, so you're even likely to be ...


According to ny daily news, sleeping in cars is no longer illegal. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/court-overturns-law-bans-people-sleeping-cars-article-1.1837189


Having done what you are embarking on 10 years ago, I may have some words of wisdom (IMHO obviously ;)): Do you have accommodation (long term) figured out? If you have, did you get an inventory of items in the house (some owners do provide such inventories). If you haven't, there is a good chance that when you do rent a house/apartment, the owner will have ...

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