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It looks like at least one shuttle service stops their regular service at 8pm, but continues a night shuttle service until 5am. However, TaxiAeropuerto (the bright orange taxis) offer 24/7 taxi service from the airport. I apologise if you can't read Spanish, mine isn't so great, but a rough translation of the last two sentences on that page is all you need:...


Hotel Mi Tierra (2nd Ave., Alajuela) is family friendly and has some good reviews, and it's about 2.5 km north of the Airport.


I've taken a taxi tour in Costa Rica that started around the same time, and was closer to the Nicaragua border, and had no trouble. So I wouldn't be concerned about safety, or at least no more than I would travelling the previous day. Make sure you organize it through your hotel and get them to pick you up there. Your tour guide is going to have a much ...


I can recommend Maleku Hostel in Alajuela (Hostelworld entry). It's comfy, and located a short drive (2 km or 5 min) away from the airport. Also, they offer: Free shuttle to the airport (from Hostel TO Airport, starting 5am to 5pm) it's a great place to stay before a morning flight out of SJO. There are private rooms available (from ...

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