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It looks like at least one shuttle service stops their regular service at 8pm, but continues a night shuttle service until 5am. However, TaxiAeropuerto (the bright orange taxis) offer 24/7 taxi service from the airport. I apologise if you can't read Spanish, mine isn't so great, but a rough translation of the last two sentences on that page is all you ...


Hotel Mi Tierra (2nd Ave., Alajuela) is family friendly and has some good reviews, and it's about 2.5 km north of the Airport.


I've taken a taxi tour in Costa Rica that started around the same time, and was closer to the Nicaragua border, and had no trouble. So I wouldn't be concerned about safety, or at least no more than I would travelling the previous day. Make sure you organize it through your hotel and get them to pick you up there. Your tour guide is going to have a much ...


I can recommend Maleku Hostel in Alajuela (Hostelworld entry). It's comfy, and located a short drive (2 km or 5 min) away from the airport. Also, they offer: Free shuttle to the airport (from Hostel TO Airport, starting 5am to 5pm) it's a great place to stay before a morning flight out of SJO. There are private rooms available (from ...

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