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I have taken the ferry to Batam before, and they operated really well. It was clean, on time, spacious. Many Singaporeans (who are very safety-conscious) take this mode of transportation.


I live in Singapore, and have taken the ferry to Bintan, which is a very similar service to the one that goes to Batam. I plan to take the Batam one as well. Let me first clear up the confusion you have acquired by reading that page on Travelfish.org. They mention that the ferry to Indonesia takes "a couple of days" and "is no cheaper than flying." They ...


Background: I'm reading "The Lunatic Express" at present, which tries to open travellers' eyes to the fact that these 'terrifying' roads, buses and ferries are part of thousands of peoples' daily commutes. Yes, they're probably more dangerous than your car ride this morning at home, but people take them every day without concern. In the book, Carl Hoffman ...

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