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In general visas are still valid if the passport is expired and you travel with both passports (the old one with the visa and the new one). This is very common with multiple entry visa, but the visa on the old passport should not be invalidated (as the other pages of your old passport got a "no valid" stamp). You should contact the nearest Singapore ...


You should be fine. Tourist visas get rejected if they think you are working illegally in Singapore, but if there's a gap of several months since your last visit and you only want to stay for 18 days, this should not be a problem. Standard disclaimer: Nobody here has inside info, the only way to get a definitive answer is to apply and find out.


The list of nationals requiring a visa can be found on the Singapore's Immigration & Checkpoint Authority Visa Requirements page. Since Italy is not on the list you won't require a visa, if you don't intend to stay over 90 days.

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