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Only certain countries require a visa to enter Singapore and Germany isn't one of those countries. Here's a list of those countries: http://www.ica.gov.sg/services_centre_overview.aspx?pageid=252 If all goes well, you should be granted a 30 days social visit pass. The immigration office has the power to give you anything less then 30 days or even reject ...


A multiple entry visa by definition allows you to enter the country multiple times as long as the visa and any other additional conditions associated with the visa are valid. So if the conditions regarding your travel to Singapore are the same as earlier and as you mentioned, your visa is still valid, you can travel to Singapore and then back to Indonesia.


The following is "common sense" based on my own travels. Officialdom may decide otherwise. If I was doing this I'd try very hard to get an official answer to this in advance and very preferably in writing. I certainly would not trust only the advice of well meaning people like me on an internet site :-). If you have a Singapore visa and the two ...


As an Indian passport holder, you would not be allowed through immigration unless you apply for and receive a visa in advance. (see here) And if your friend does not have a valid ticket, then they can't get past security. So, unfortunately, it seems like you will probably need to bring your bag with you to Malaysia.


Some details from the Singapore Kite Association: Where do SKA members fly their kites? Sengkang East Way / Sengkang East Rd vacant field next to CHENG LIM (SW 1) LRT Where else? West Coat Park CP3 Vacant field between Punggol Field and TPE Where to buys kites in Singapore? Readily available at all heartland stores. Where to ...

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