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To the best of my knowledge (I lived in Singapore for ~8 years and moderated an expat forum there), Singapore does not publish any official guidelines for repeat visits. However, it's a very small country with limited opportunities for tourism, and as you've discovered, around the three-month mark Immigration's bells start ringing. Once you're flagged, ...


As discussed in the answers to How often can you visit on a multiple-entry pass to Singapore?, Singapore does not impose any published limit on how often you can visit or how long you can stay, but it's up to the discretion of the immigration officer whether to let you in or not. In practice, since you're always returning after a single day, I doubt there ...


Based on my experience, which is the same as yours; this pass loses its validity once you depart from Singapore. It is not a multiple entry visa, but rather it is just something that makes your staying inside Singapore legal.

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