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Adrien's answer is spot on. Except for one thing. I just went to the embassy for visa application and they required me to have a return ticket. I am an Indian national. It may be different in my case. So I booked a ticket ticket from phone, went to lucky plaza to get a printout and joined the queue again. I got out in 20 minutes after that.


No, it's not possible (legally). Tax refunds are only available when departing Singapore via air or sea. See Is it possible to get a tax refund on goods in Singapore when leaving by land? for a full discussion of the law, a potential workaround, and the risks involved.


Yes, nothing keeps you from booking every part of your trip separately. There's a few things to keep in mind though: If you travel on separate tickets, your baggage will probably not be checked through. That means you will have to collect your luggage and check it in for the new flight in Singapore. So if you have check-in luggage, you will need to ...

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