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In general visas are still valid if the passport is expired and you travel with both passports (the old one with the visa and the new one). This is very common with multiple entry visa, but the visa on the old passport should not be invalidated (as the other pages of your old passport got a "no valid" stamp). You should contact the nearest Singapore ...


To the best of my knowledge this is impossible, or at least impractical. Driving Malaysian cars in Singapore is intentionally made hard (cars are taxed much more heavily in Sg), and rental agencies will generally not even let you cross the border, much less return cars on the wrong side. Your options are: Return the car right across the border in Johor ...


You are required to surrender your Student Pass when/before it expires. If you do so in-country at the ICA, you will automatically receive a short-term visit pass (= essentially tourist visa) that lets you stay on in Singapore for a while (days or weeks, depends on your nationality). If you want to stay for a longer period (up to a year), you can try your ...


You should be fine. Tourist visas get rejected if they think you are working illegally in Singapore, but if there's a gap of several months since your last visit and you only want to stay for 18 days, this should not be a problem. Standard disclaimer: Nobody here has inside info, the only way to get a definitive answer is to apply and find out.

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