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It was fairly widely reported that fuel costs made the flights uneconomical. The maintenance of the A340-500s SIA retained specifically for the flight also contributed, as they only had five A340-500s. Sample quotes: It is widely known in the industry that SIA’s A340-500 non-stop flights to the U.S. are unprofitable, because of the four-engined ...


There is no formal requirement to hold a ticket to leave the Schengen area but yes, you can be questioned about your intents, and, yes, having something concrete to support your story like a flight reservation might help.


I would strongly advise you to reconsider your plan. That hotel is not even in Johor Bahru city, but a good 10 km away. Public transport in JB is pretty abysmal: bus route information is hard to find, signage is bad, frequencies are sparse and the service is unreliable. You'd probably be best off taking a taxi direct to JB Sentral, but they're pretty ...


Providing our inbound flight is on time then with no checked baggage, 1.25 hours is more than enough time. You will need to change Terminal from T1 to T2, but Changi has an efficient and frequent air train. Also note that Changi has individual security per gate, so as long as you can reach the security queue before the gate closes, you should be ok. ...


In principle this is not a problem at all, indeed it's quite common place, assuming you don't exceed any kind of baggage allowance you have on the ticket.


As it is obvious from the posts above, that this might end up with you breaking the law. If you would like to speed up your wife's formalities through the airport - consider applying for the meet and greet services which will provide for her an escort through the terminal and priority clearing of baggage and immigration. For an extra fee they can also ...


As others have said, it's illegal. Visas permitting you can accomplish this, though: Actually fly up to Kuala Lumpur--a quick search turned up a $65 ticket.

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