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I don't see why there should be an issue. You are a Singaporean national and being a Malaysian Resident should not be an issue at all. Singaporean nationals are allowed to travel visa free to Hong Kong for up to 90 days, which I believe is lesser than your intended period of stay. From there, you are free to board a flight to Los Angeles (United States) ...


TL;DR: You're fine. Making a false declaration to an immigration authority is a big deal and can back to haunt you if you are caught. However, "character grounds" refers to have a criminal record, which you do not have. So you have not lied to the Australian government. Making a false declaration to a university can get you expelled from that university, ...


Well I just called an agent from the study abroad office in Singapore, and she said it won't matter because " character grounds " meant something serious like a criminal offence, whereas I was rejected a visa for academic reasons ... Still , on the university application form itself I said no to the question " have you ever been refused a visa "

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