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So it's been a while sense this was last answered and some things have changed... White House: Sorry, no more tours! You can thank the sequester for that. You can, however, get in if the President invites you, or you are doing official business. I live 30min away from DC and I have a friend who gets to go to the White House Christmas Dinner every year so it ...


Yes you can. Although the right answer is very dependent on your personal interests, here are a few pointers to get you started: Do a 'free' walking tour. They work for tips, so it's not really free, but it's an easy and friendly way to get to know a bit of the city. Spend time at Ibirapuera Park. There are several decent museums in the park, and it's a ...


You will find that a lot of locally-owned, non 'big name' main street shops wouldn't open, but those in shopping centres (malls) will all be open, as will anything involved in the hospitality industry. You may find a few things don't open until midday though.

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