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The Natural History Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and the Science Museum are all in Kensington, which means that the directions for getting there from Paddington station are "Walk across Hyde Park". Seriously it's about a kilometer, and you'll take in the Albert Memorial, the Albert Hall and one of London's best parks as you go. In more ...


*(first of all, I only recommend this if you're happy to quickly selectively skip around the top attractions in a museum before moving on to the next one. Each one of the 5 museums you've mentioned is huge, with enough for two or more full days' visits by someone very interested, and a full day each for someone moderately interested)* If you really don't ...


I would google the transport for London site and if using a phone that does apps, see if they have an app. It has an walking option but I am more likely to just use an online map and check out their time compares to what I actually use, for which I use google maps. Besides I usually have a paper map with the tube lines printed over the map as well as the ...


Forget Times Square! Take public transport direct to SoHo. Spend, say, 3-5 hours being really cool and having fun. You need plan nothing - every single street, every corner, in the SoHo/Tribeca etc area is worth seeing. Take in a few cafes and maybe galleries. You can't go wrong. Hop on public transport and go back for your flight. It's that easy.

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