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Fortunately one fan wrote up such a tour idea for the NY Times. To summarise, he started by staying at the Marco Polo, a motel where Cobain used to get his heroin nearby, and shoot up in room 226. 413 Fleet Street South is a noted spot next, as the house Cobain lived in with his father for several years in the late 70s / early 80s. He drives to Aberdeen ...


The popular tourist venues will be open and you can expect market stalls in the central plazas selling refreshments and souvenirs (weather permitting). Expect queues. Restaurants and bars will be open in and around those venues. Cathedrals will be open. National rail will also run. What will NOT be open are banks and any other financial concern that ...


Assuming you are landing at CDG, you can try to catch the fast RER B train into Paris which should take you to St Michel Notre Dame in about 30 minutes. From there the Notre Dame cathedral is a stone's throw (and a lovely bridge crossing) away. IMHO that's well worth visiting and doesn't require too much time. The calculations the provided by the others in ...


I think two hours is plenty to arrive before take off. Even for long haul. Still, it takes time to get out of the airport so about 1.5hrs from landing to the city and you need to be at the bus stop three hours before your flight so tops you'd have 7-4.5=2.5 possibly only two hours. With two children, this begins to sound quite risky.


I my mind this is a fairly broad question, as opening hours, and hence closing days, are often not common across tourist attractions. Moreover you have not specified which attractions you are interested in, rendering it even harder to compute a list of opened and closed places. The answer to your question would therefore be: some attractions are opened, ...


You can book an "Underground Bunker Tour" here: Berliner Unterwelten. There are several options to see bunkers or subway tracks that ran from east to west with underground checkpoints at the fromer border. There is also the Gesundbrunnenbunker where you can book a tour. And you can see the Flakturm in the Humboldthain near by.

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