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There's no real blanket rule here. Often, any school ID - even a convincing fake one or an expired one - will work. But just as often, the deal is the result of a specific partnership with a local institution (or institutions) and only available to those students. Generally, I'd just assume that any ID will work unless it's explicitly posted otherwise, but ...


I think I found it but if there are others, please post them. http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/disobedient-objects/


So it's been a while sense this was last answered and some things have changed... White House: Sorry, no more tours! You can thank the sequester for that. You can, however, get in if the President invites you, or you are doing official business. I live 30min away from DC and I have a friend who gets to go to the White House Christmas Dinner every year so it ...


You mention the NPS website. Also on that same page, it states: Due to its popularity, access to the pedestal is limited and requires reservations. Statue Cruises is the official source for pedestal reservations as well as the company that provides ferry transportation to the island. Advanced reservations may be made online or by telephone. So ...

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