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What mkennedy said in his comment is right. This google search shows you how busy they think it will be over the course of the day. Looks like trough the week it's pretty even. I hope it is the aquarium you are looking for.


It's technically possible, but I would not recommend it. The fastest trains cover the distance from Delhi to Agra in under two hours, so you would theoretically have six hours, but you need to account for trains being late, likely needing to change terminals in Delhi (most Agra trains leave from Nizamuddin, not New Delhi stn), horrendous traffic in Agra, ...


It depends on what your interest really is. New Delhi has quite a lot to offer to foreigners who are looking for something different when they travel. When i travelled to India I wanted something completely different from how it is in Europe - mainly cuisine. I would recommend a couple of places: 1) Qutub Minar - a really tall brick minaret which is lovely ...


The accepted answer is not working anymore as the city night line trains are taken out of the timetables. So now your best bet will be to travel fast by day and/or travel by ferry at night. Seat 61 suggests that you might use the Harwich to Hook of Holland ferry overnight, taking a day train to Hamburg, take a train the next day via Copenhagen to Stockholm ...

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