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I had a quick look at the van Gogh Museum website, found a link to the restaurant and it says The café is open daily during museum opening hours and can only be accessed via the museum From that I read that you can only visit the restaurant as a ticket holding visitor. I have not opened the floor plan pdf, you will find a link to it on this page, but ...


The artist states that he installs and tests most of his works prior to putting them up for sale. If you're that big of a fan, I would suggest emailing him to see if he would be open to you visiting to see any current projects he has installed. He might not want to do give you a full tour of his studio, but he might be OK with you swinging by to check out ...


My vague memory of the layout is that the cafe is inside the ticketed area. The floor plan seems to indicate that this is the case as well, but I'm not absolutely certain.


You will need to do quite a bit of clicking and reading on but you can find some pieces outside Orca Island like: OCTO 3 - Installed at City Walk Mall on Al Safa St., Dubai Quite a few others have been sold but currently not indicating where they have been installed.


La Sagrada Familia can only light up (normal lights, not the lights used for special events) from Thursday to Saturday between 20:00 and 00:00 due a decree for light pollution made by the Generalitat. I live 10 min walking from the Sagrada familia, and I can say that even if you go any day (even any from Sunday to Wednesday) at night you will be able to see ...

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