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Regarding the attractions - it is not possible. But regarding the Boat cruise, you actually can enter it multiple times. You will receive 1-day ticket (see http://www.londonpass.com/london-attractions/thames-river-boat-cruise.html) and within those 24 hours, you can use it multiple times. I was there last year, activated the 24-hour ticket in the afternoon ...


From How does the London Pass work?: Note: Passes can only be used at each attraction once. However, as noted by JakubJ, for the Thames boat trip, what you actually get is Make the most of your London Pass: Free 24 hour hop-on, hop-off cruise ticket worth over £18 So for this attraction (alone), you get as many trips as you like, ...


It is possible with a bit of planning and discipline. I think you will struggle to get into the centre of town, but you might instead be able to explore the area to the east of the airport, which has been recently regenerated into a modern style area, quite different from old Lisbon. There is a nice cable car that goes along the coast, and an oceanarium. ...


I had about 7 hours of a layover in Lisbon last summer returning to Dublin from Brazil. My bag was not checked through and for the life of me I could not find a baggage depository in the airport, so I took mine with me. It may be there, but be prepared to take your suitcase with you. The Metro goes right to the airport from the city centre, though you will ...


You might want to take a look at Oscar Niemeyer's buildings in Brasília, Brazil, such as: The National Cathedral: The Palacio do Planalto: The National Congress: I don't know if the exact term "Googie" was ever applied to Niemeyer's work, but it's definitely of the same vintage and has a space-age feel to it.


According to one of the sources for that article, it was closed in 1835. Later it was razed, and a library now stands on the site.


5 hours in Lisbon is tight. It is more tight when you talk about 6am. The rush hours in Lisbon at week days usually are tough. I saw few option. Easy to go. Praça do Comercio It is the old town of Lisbon. There you can see little streets, local and old coffees and restaurants. Also you can find a lot of touristic points. My favorite is Castelo de São ...


Another option is Bayreuth, especially if you are into Wagner :-)


Another place worth seeing is the historical town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

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