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Of sorts, Ulverston has a large Christmas market every year, called the Ulverston Dickensian Christmas Festival. It has grown quite large over the years, and takes in most of the central streets of the town. Quite a few locals (I'm one) dress up in Dickensian attire, and get into the spirit of things. I think you could safely say the market has German ...


Using public transportation your pretty much only bet is visiting New York City, Jersey City, or Hoboken. Everything else you might need to get a car. If you do a quick search on the map of Manhattan you will get quite a few. There are larger ones like: Hells Kitchen Flea Market Brooklyn Flea And quite a few smaller ones listed.


After about a year and a half of permanent travel, I've found that I actually don't need a step-down transformer. As it turns out, all of the devices I carry with me regularly can handle 110 and 220 just fine, and the odd appliance that can't is usually inexpensive to purchase at my destination. If you're a permanent traveler, the weight and bulk of a ...

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