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You can easily spend this time roaming Dubai itself. Depending on your passport validity you may be entitled to a transit visa (which is for 72 hours). I would get that, leave my luggage at the luggage counters at the metro station and then go spend the day at Dubai Mall. If the above does not suit you; Terminal 3 would be the best place to spend your time. ...


There are many old book shops in Lisbon here are a few tips: Google If you're looking for shops with second hand books you will want to look for "alfarrabista". That't a specific word that designates old book shops or old book sellers in portuguese. Since you are looking in Lisbon, try: "Alfarrabista lisboa". List of bookshops In a quick search I found ...


The store locator on the Daiso website (daisoglobal.com) tells us there is one in Nanning - here's the map. The street address is 南宁市友爱南路22号南棉商业街216号 (You'ai Nanlu 22).

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