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Yes tap water is safe in Shkodër, I was born there, grew up drinking that water. I live in New York and I can tell you that the water there has a diff taste regardless if it's tap or from a bottle, but make sure to keep very cold in the fridge so you won't notice the difference. Have fun while you're there. About the tourists, they're all gone by the end of ...


OK after a couple of days of hunting I've found three places where I get a Wi-Fi signal and can buy a coffee or a beer, but only one had a sign and with the others I'm not sure whether the signal is from the place or a coincidental open one nearby... "Bar Kafe Real Madrid" on Rruga Studenti right near Shesi Demokracia, the central traffic circle of the ...


I mostly drank bottled water in Albania this summer but if I don't remember horribly wrong, I did have tap water too while in Saranda (in the very south), and had no problems. (I probably asked the very helpful owner and other guests at Backpackers SR who said it's ok.) That said, Shkodër is at the opposite end of the country, and I guess the water quality ...


According to the UK FCO website travel advice for Albania: The tap water in Albania may cause illness - you should drink only bottled water.


I just spent a week in Albania and did drink the tab water everywhere (actually I've only been to Tirana, Berat, Saranda and Korca). In Tirane the people at the hostel did drink the water themselves but didn't recommend it to me, just to be on the safe side.


I wouldn't risk it. There are some authoritative resources that advice to use bottled water:


This answer is specific for Tiranë but will surely be enlightening for Albania generally. In Tiranë, the capital, the owner of my hostel tells me the tapwater is good for drinking four times per day lasting two hours each time! 7am until 9am 1pm until 3pm 7pm until 9pm 1am until 3am I don't yet know by which standard the water quality is better at these ...


There are three that show up on Google Maps, so there are probably plenty. Search for "Shkodër, Albania" in Google Maps, then enter "internet cafe" in the same search field. I'm not sure about the food and drink, though. This is handy (and amazing, to me) looking for odd things all over the world. Facebook Internet Center Rruga Jeronim De Rada, Shkoder, ...

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