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I agree with Paul that what you need is a bonded warehouse, but you may also be able to contact relocating companies and have them hold your stuff for you. The upside to doing this is that you won't have to run around the place chasing documents and getting clearances, but the downside is that you may be required to have a minimum amount of "stuff" before ...


The keyword you want to search for is "bonded warehouse". I've done this elsewhere - ship to "Me, c/o Bonded warehouse, Border Town USA". The warehouse will hold your stuff until you pick up the documentation, visit customs, and bring the clearance documents back. This probably will NOT work with the postal system - they are a bonded warehouse of sorts and ...


Ecoparcel has good rates, they use different couriers to deliver but you can track the package from their site. I used the service several times, you need to load the amount in your account before order the shipment, but you can choose how much you want to load (no fixed amounts).


Look for freight-forwarders locally. They will combine your stuff (boxed and labeled) in a container with any other house moves heading in the same direction. Depending on the popularity of the destination it can take a few weeks for a container to fill. It then takes 10-14 days to ship to the USA and a few days to reach the city at the other side (depending ...

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