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JAT Airways is now known as Air Serbia, they are in partnership with Etihad Airways, the national air carrier of the United Arab Emirates. Here their fleet today Btw I've never traveled by airplane so far


Here's a website that I'm referring whenever I'm about to check exchange rates for different banks (although I'm looking for average exchange rate, not for certain bank) enter link description here As far as I know, they're using National bank of Serbia exchange rate as a reference enter link description here Certain banks such as Credi-Agricole and ...


I'm using Mastercard and withdrawal price of $2 per transaction (and 0.5 per declined transaction) has been set by card issuer and no additional fees is paid while withdrawing using ATMs in Serbia


A lot of people in Serbia, especially younger, understand English and speak English at least basically, and a visitor who doesn't know Serbian at all will certainly have not any problems to, at least, basically communicate with people on the street, shops, bus stations, hostels etc. People are familiar with English language maybe not so much because of ...

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