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You can find the schedules via the website of the Serbian Railways. Note that you have to use the Serbian spelling of Belgrade, i.e. BEOGRAD:


I entered your found train into the German travel site, and found that same train. Then I clicked the ⇅ arrows, (the ones that reverse the direction of search) and the results were alike. One day train and one overnight. 11:05 to 17:32 and 23:48 to 5:52. I would suggest you to run the site for a day you want to travel, I checked it for a couple of days ...


Yes, Croatia still gives you passport stap no matter do you come with air or land. You need ask on the border. I live in Croatia and each time I go in Slovenia or Hungary I ask them can I get my passport stamp. They said "OK" and that's it. Also if you fly between two EU country you can also ask during passport control to get your stamp. Last year I get in ...

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