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Yup, Kosovar guards boarded at Jarinje (last Kosovo station) and briefly checked everyone for two minutes and then got off. Then at Rudnica (first Serbian station) Serbian guards boarded and started the check after the Train left the Station. They wrote down some stuff on a Piece of paper whilst checking everyone's ID (including my Swedish ID Card), and then ...


Remember one thing: if you entered Kosovo from anywhere other than Serbia, you can NOT cross from Kosovo to Serbia during the same visit. You need to go to Macedonia or Montenegro and enter Serbia from there


This is not a direct answer to your question, but it might be the answer that you need. A few months ago, I tried to cross, by public bus, from Kosovo to Serbia. Serbia does not recognise Kosovo's independence so, technically, there is no border. The formalities took only minutes, but there was a check on both sides of the 'border'. What's more, because I ...

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