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I only have anecdotal evidence for you as a Croat who frequently travels with a foreign non-euro passport through ex-Yugo countries. On some of the land borders the agents get quite lazy and will literally just look at the outside of the passport and wave you through. These guys you can quite easily ask for stamp if they don't automatically do it (mime it if ...


For Croatia and Romania, it depends on your citizenship and possibly on your country of residence and a few other details but not really on where you are currently travelling from. These two countries are EU member states and they should not stamp EU passports (nor even require EU citizens from travelling with a passport, if they hold an ID card). I guess ...


Yes, you will get stamps. You will only not get stamps when travelling between Schengen countries. Croatia and Romania are not (yet) in the Schengen Area, and Serbia is not even in the EU (though there are non-EU Schengen countries, Serbia is not one of them).

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