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Generally, the most popular tourist destination for beaches are located on East and South coast of Korea. With some minor exceptions, I'd avoid West coast in general because most of their beaches look like this: I know one of your primary concerns is proximity of the destination via public transportation, but what you must know is that Korea has one of ...


You can probably look at Visit Korea site to determine what's within a reachable distance from where you will be staying in Sinchon But on a quick look: Eurwangni beach - if one is to believe the accuracy of Google Maps Publich Transport information it is reachable in an hour and a half Geojampo beach - Also reachable in an hour and a half Along with ...


The final bullet point gives it away. You can "enter" Korea for thirty days. (No one could possibly be expected to spend that long in the transit area.) Travelling from other countries is not important or unusual.

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